Michael Slinn presents: Dotty (Scala 3 Preview)

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*note that Lambda Montreal is now hosted at Hopper, not at AdGear!*
We also plan to have something other than pizza this time: sandwiches, pasta salad and even dessert!

Scala 3 is known as Dotty, and is expected to be released in 2020. It features intersection types, union types, repeated by-name parameters, trait parameters, improved lazy val initialization, native support for type classes, compatibility with most Scala 2 libraries, and optional support for syntax similar to Haskell and Python. Michael will present the current version of Dotty and give a demo.

Michael Slinn is the founder of ScalaCourses.com, and a former organizer of all the Scala user groups in the San Francisco Bay area, where has lived for the past 23 years and founded successful startups. Originally from Montreal, he is coming back here to found yet another startup, EmpathyWorks.ai, which you can learn about from his Montreal Machine Learning presentation at https://youtu.be/PiDsiyJIMmo

EmpathyWorks is written in Scala. Please contact Mike Slinn to discuss your interest in programming the next generation of AI.

6:30pm–7:00pm: networking
7:00pm–8:00pm: presentation
8:00pm–8:30pm: networking