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What we’re about

The Lambda Trampers and Lambda Lattes are social tramping and walking groups for LGBTQ+, and their friends, living in and around Christchurch. To view the current Tramping and Latte Walks programmes, visit:
The Lambda Trampers go on day tramps of varying difficulty while the Lambda Lattes go on shorter walks of about 2 hours and usually have a coffee at the end.


Lambda Trampers:  Bring lunch, water, warm clothing (woollen or polypropylene), gloves, hats and sunscreen. Strong footwear and a waterproof jacket are essential, also bring any personal medical items. It is a condition of tramping with us that you are properly equipped, because if you are inadequately prepared you put everyone, not just yourself, at risk. River crossings are potentially the most dangerous part of a day’s tramp. Mountain Safety regulations strongly advise trampers NOT to remove their boots when crossing rivers/streams and if you’re going on one of the tramps that has river crossings, bring a change of clothes/socks/towel
Lambda Lattes: Bring warm clothing, a waterproof jacket, water, and some money for a drink at the end.