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Ritual of the Lamp of Invisible Light/
Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law Please join me to celebrate a ritual for Light Love Liberty and Life. Based on the Kabalah of the Cube of Space to create a Sacred Sanctuary. We will invoke Nuit, Hadit and Heruraha and may the Law of Thelema bring forth peace and joy to all. In the Night of Pan, the Stars will shine. Love is the law, love under will ~J

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Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

The Congregation of the Lamp of Invisible Light is a cabalistic and hermetic fraternity for men and women interested in the spirituality of the New Aeon as expounded by the poet, magician and initiate Aleister Crowley. The main ritual and techniques have their origin in the dark arcanum of the ages.

The purpose of the Congregation is to spread the Light and to keep this light shining for any seeker that would like to partake of it. The ritual and service is offered to the public in general.

The New Aeon and Thelema

In 1900, Aleister Crowley continued his spiritual and magical work after the fall of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, by traveling to Mexico City and creating his first magical order, the Lamp of Invisible Light. At that time, Crowley met with various masons and met who would become the first priest of his Order, Don Jesus Medina.
The concept was simple and beautiful, and marked the beginning of Crowley’s personal development in this journey that culminated in what we know today as the “Vision and the Voice”. This journey ends with the spiritual stage of inner light: The Lamp.

The Congregation of the Lamp of Invisible Light intent is to keep this Light available and ready for those who are in need of it by continuing with Crowley's concept in a new form. The Light never went out.

The Central Ritual incorporates techniques based on the Cube of Space (a cabalistic model for the Universe) and other Hermetic teachings. It is a participatory ritual and has a deep impact to open our inner self to the energies of the present Aeon.

Furthermore, the Congregation of the Lamp of Invisible Light aligns itself with the principles of Thelema, the teachings in the Book of the Law and its message of Life, Light, Liberty and Love.

Love is the law, love under will

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