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What we’re about

LanGo Dallas is a community of people who enjoy learning languages. We are here to support language learners in Dallas and help you with advice, resources, and motivation, and with finding conversation partners and opportunities so you can practice your target language. It doesn't matter if you are fluent in five languages or a beginner in all the languages you want to learn. The door is open for everyone. Our meetups are hosted at LanGo Institute and at other partner venues all around Dallas.

What we do:

- Language exchanges, "linguistic speed-friending" events, and other social networking events to connect you with like-minded people

- Information- and feedback-packed workshops with skilled language teachers

- Immersion language programs on target languages of interest

- Language+ experiences where you can learn and practice your language skills in a social setting

Do you have an interest in learning and practicing a second or heritage language? At our language exchanges, you can TEACH your native language or a language you are fluent in to someone else in exchange for LEARNING their native language or a language they are fluent in. You can do this by meeting up regularly with a language exchange partner for an hour or so at LanGo Institute or at a coffee shop or restaurant. It's also a great way to make new friends and learn about other cultures. Dallas is a diverse city with speakers of many different language varieties, and there are so many people who want to learn. Let’s match up to practice and learn from each other!

We will meet socially as a group to have fun and hold "linguistic speed friending" events to improve everyone's chances of finding a language partner. We'll also hold events where we invite instructors to speak and give tips on how people can more effectively find practice partners and teach and learn from each other. For those looking for immersion learning opportunities, we'll organize group classes, excursions, and trips throughout the year to different destinations where you can practice your language skills in authentic settings! 

Don't worry about feeling embarrassed if you don't know much of the language you want to learn, whether you are a complete beginner or very advanced, you can always get better by making new friends and practicing with someone who speaks the language and knows the culture. It takes practice with a partner to improve, and that's what this group is all about: finding partners who want to learn another language from each other!

Our purpose:

- To encourage and promote multilingualism and multiculturalism 

- To empower people from different backgrounds to learn from each other

- To promote diversity and cultural growth

- To build social networks through friendly interactions and common interests

- To provide unique, quality, and fun opportunities for language and culture learning, practice, and experiences

Our core value:
We are firm believers in the experiential, communicative, and immersive approach to language learning. We believe language education and cultural awareness empowers people to become confident, open-minded learners for life.

Check out our website to participate in upcoming language programs:

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