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What we’re about

According to, we are "One of the most active Meetup groups in the world"

Taiwan Travel & Language Exchange is evolving into an umbrella structure for people all over Taiwan to coordinate joint activities with and for people who want to practice or learn English, get together to socialize, go hiking with experienced volunteer leaders, or join occasional one-time activities.

While Taiwan is often described as 'a small island,' it's large enough that it is both complex and expensive for anyone to attend events everywhere. As a result, most of the Social Networking activities tend to be centered in Taipei and everyone else has been ignored.

So, no matter where in Taiwan you are located, we invite you to join this group. Existing members in your area will do their best to get you involved in local events and the group itself will give you a view of things all over Taiwan. If you should find yourself traveling or moving to another area, you will already have contacts you can connect with.

While English is the most common language among us, Mandarin Chinese is equally important and welcome.

Who should join us?

Anyone who can manage enough English or Mandarin to communicate in this setting is welcome.

Anyone who seeks opportunities to socialize with speakers of one or both of these languages will find them here.

Anyone living in Taiwan or planing to come here is also welcome.

Anyone not living or traveling to Taiwan but interested in what people are doing here is welcome but you are less likely to find much benefit.

If you use this Meetup group to distribute commercial advertising, you will be warned and may be banned without further warning!

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