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According to Meetup.com, we are "One of the most active Meetup groups in the world"

Taiwan Travel & Language Exchange is evolving into an umbrella structure for people all over Taiwan to coordinate joint activities with and for people who want to practice or learn English, get together to socialize, go hiking with experienced volunteer leaders, or join occasional one-time activities.

While Taiwan is often described as 'a small island,' it's large enough that it is both complex and expensive for anyone to attend events everywhere. As a result, most of the Social Networking activities tend to be centered in Taipei and everyone else has been ignored.

So, no matter where in Taiwan you are located, we invite you to join this group. Existing members in your area will do their best to get you involved in local events and the group itself will give you a view of things all over Taiwan. If you should find yourself traveling or moving to another area, you will already have contacts you can connect with.

While English is the most common language among us, Mandarin Chinese is equally important and welcome.

Who should join us?

Anyone who can manage enough English or Mandarin to communicate in this setting is welcome.

Anyone who seeks opportunities to socialize with speakers of one or both of these languages will find them here.

Anyone living in Taiwan or planing to come here is also welcome.

Anyone not living or traveling to Taiwan but interested in what people are doing here is welcome but you are less likely to find much benefit.

If you use this Meetup group to distribute commercial advertising, you will be warned and may be banned without further warning!

Upcoming events (5+)

Let’s meet up and practice English/Mandarin!

Glorious Jewel Cafe, Dongfong

This event welcomes everyone who is looking for a place to speak English/Mandarin and meet up with like-minded language partners. 如果您在找地方練習英文/中文,歡迎來參加活動及認識有志一同的語言伙伴們! Come join us if you are: 1. An English/Mandarin language learner looking for practice buddies 2. A visitor to Taiwan trying to make local friends 3. A long-term resident wanting to share your experience 誠摯歡迎以下的朋友來參加: 1. 尋找練習同伴的英文/中文學習者 2. 想認識臺灣朋友的觀光客 3. 願意分享經驗的長期居民 If you are none of the above and simply have some free time, come and meet some interesting people! 如果您都不是,但是剛好有空,也歡迎來聊聊天南地北! Note: There is no admission fee for this event. Simply order your own food and drink from the Café and join us to start practicing English or Mandarin! (There is a minimum order of one drink per person.) 備註: 參加活動是免費的,只要自行跟咖啡店點購餐飲,就可以加入開始練習英文或中文囉!(每人低消是一杯飲料)

Speakeasy Gaming Club


(ENGLISH BELOW) 1920年代的美國是一段浮華、豐裕的時期,人們盡情享受生活、注重穿著打扮、歡愉地品味美食。是時候在台北重現這樣歌舞昇平的氛圍。 每週五晚上由Top Shelf Games 在UNCLE主辦邀請大家回到1920年代風華,搭配UNCLE提供的美饌,名額有限,請加速報名。 ________ 日 期 時 間 |每週五8pm(8點點餐,8:30開始玩) Dress code|1920年代美式/上海式風格 參 加 方 式 |低消每人 150up+10% _________ The American 1920s was a time of frivolity and opulence. People enjoyed life to the fullest, dressed to impress, and ate and drank merrily. It's time to recreate that here in Taipei. Top Shelf Games is going to bring back the roaring 20s every Friday night at UNCLE. Come out and game, have a drink, and enjoy the delicious food UNCLE serves. Don't forget to dress to impress! https://www.facebook.com/uncle.chef.tw/ UNCLE will be preparing various awesome sets for us to choose from and we're excited to try them all. Seating is limited, so please come early! Minimum is 1 set of your choice as we want to make sure to support them. Date: Every Friday evening Time: 8:00pm (order food and drinks) 8:30pm-Midnight (game time) Location: No.105, Chaozhou St., Da’an Dist., Taipei, Taiwan 106 (near Guting station exit 5) Dress Code: 1920s style (American or Chinese) Minimum : NT. 150up+10%

The fall of Travis Kalanick


This Saturday Silicon Valley strikes again. This time around we are going to look into the private and corporate life of one of the most notorious CEOs. The article: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/features/2018-01-18/the-fall-of-travis-kalanick-was-a-lot-weirder-and-darker-than-you-thought -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Practical Info You can get to Anzl幸福初食 Café from the Technology Building MRT. At ANZL, there is an NT$100 minimum per person.

English/Chinese language and cultural exchange 中英文語言文化交流

MR.BROWN 伯朗咖啡館 科大店

• What we'll do Chinese and English language exchange. Come share your experiences in language learning, culture, travel, etc.; meet new friends; practice English/Chinese with native speakers. 中英文語言文化交流。來認識新朋友,分享生活與國內外旅遊經驗,練習說英文/中文。 • What to bring Yourself. Questions you'd like to ask others. • Important to know As a courtesy to the cafe for providing a meeting venue, it'd be great if everyone can order a drink or snack. 基於對店家提供場地的禮貌,希望每位來參加的人都能買個飲料或點心~ Though scheduled for two hours, we don't mind if you come late or leave early. If people are free after meetup, we may also consider having lunch together~ 雖然有設兩小時的時間,不介意大家晚到早退,如果中午沒事也可考慮一起出去吃午餐~

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Let's meet up and exchange some languages!

Glorious Jewel Cafe, Dongfong

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