What we're about

According to Meetup.com, we are "One of the most active Meetup groups in the world"

Taiwan Travel & Language Exchange is evolving into an umbrella structure for people all over Taiwan to coordinate joint activities with and for people who want to practice or learn English, get together to socialize, go hiking with experienced volunteer leaders, or join occasional one-time activities.

While Taiwan is often described as 'a small island,' it's large enough that it is both complex and expensive for anyone to attend events everywhere. As a result, most of the Social Networking activities tend to be centered in Taipei and everyone else has been ignored.

So, no matter where in Taiwan you are located, we invite you to join this group. Existing members in your area will do their best to get you involved in local events and the group itself will give you a view of things all over Taiwan. If you should find yourself traveling or moving to another area, you will already have contacts you can connect with.

While English is the most common language among us, Mandarin Chinese is equally important and welcome.

Who should join us?

Anyone who can manage enough English or Mandarin to communicate in this setting is welcome.

Anyone who seeks opportunities to socialize with speakers of one or both of these languages will find them here.

Anyone living in Taiwan or planing to come here is also welcome.

Anyone not living or traveling to Taiwan but interested in what people are doing here is welcome but you are less likely to find much benefit.

If you use this Meetup group to distribute commercial advertising, you will be warned and may be banned without further warning!

Upcoming events (4+)

Fiesta Del Taco辣翻塔可節

Needs a location

*Please note there are tickets for this event. Please scroll down for more ticket information!

🌶️Fiesta Del Taco 2022🌶️
Fiesta Del Taco celebrates the taco in all its forms: hardshell, soft-shell, al pastor, barbacoa, carnitas, pescado, you name it! Enjoy an afternoon and evening of some of the best tacos and Latin music by Dj Cola and the Latinos Taiwan Dj Team! This year 15 vendors will be competing for the best taco title! Let your taste buds be the judge! Shout out to our winners last year - FONDA MEXICO! Let's see if they can defend their title!

🌶️ 辣翻塔可節 2022 🌶️
上次我們邀請了橫跨台灣最好吃的塔可餐廳參與辣翻塔可節,很榮幸、開心有這麼多充滿才華的主廚們願意跟大家分享他們的熱情。上次奪冠的是FONDA MEXICO,讓我們今年來看他們是否可以捍衛自己的冠軍寶座!這次我們會帶來更多、更特別的塔可,全都只在辣翻塔可節吃得到!


➽ ➽ ➽ This year - THE SPICE STRIKES BACK!

Ghost Pepper Hot Wing Contest brought to you by Marie Sharp Hot Sauce!
會有Marie Sharp's辣度鷄翅比賽哦!

Blindfold flavor taste contest by Empress Hot Sauce!
也會有Empress Hot Sauce的眼罩辣椒口味比賽!

*Both contests will require contestants to sign a release as the sauces can get SPICY! Sign ups are limited and will be based on pre-registration. Day of sign ups will not be permitted. Please pm our page for details.
兩個比賽都要提前報名又要錢一張release form因爲辣椒醬的辣度會很高哦!勇敢的人來挑戰!當天不能報名, 所以請提前傳訊息給我們有沒有位子!

➽ ➽ ➽ Fiesta is guaranteed to bring you even more UNIQUE tacos than ever before. You can only get them right here at Fiesta Del Taco!

➽ ➽ ➽ These events wouldn't be made possible with out our fantastic sponsors! Gracias :

3 Lions Restaurant @ Maji Square
Corona Beer
509 Drinks & Ron Abuelo Rum
Diageo Taiwan
Tiki Taipei


15 taco masters will compete to be crowned "Fiesta Del Taco Champion 2021".🏆

How to vote:
Each guest will get a taco vote card. Just drop the votes into the box of the taco you think is the best! Easy! Each person only gets one vote, so remember to try all of the tacos! The winner will be announced at 9pm!

15 位塔可大師參賽 辣翻塔可節冠軍賽2021🏆 看誰能奪冠


🎫🎟️ Ticket Information 🎟️🎫
Early Bird: 250NTD - SOLD OUT
Presale: 300NTD - Entry includes a free taco
Door: 400NTD - Entry includes a free taco

預售票:300NTD (含一份免費塔可)


➽ This event may be crowded and possibly unsuitable for young children.

➽ No Pets will be allowed.

➽ No outside food or alcohol will be permitted.

➽No refunds.



In order to avoid long lines and overcrowding the event will be:

➤ Split into two sessions. 活動分成兩個時段
午餐Lunch: 12pm-4pm
晚餐Dinner: 5pm-10pm

➤ Tickets will be limited to 500 presale and 100 at the door per session. Only 600 people will be allowed in at any one time. 門票會限量500張預售及現場門票限量100,每次時段只有限量600張門票

➤ Tickets will include a free taco from any vendor of your choice. Please don't lose your taco ticket. You will not be given another one if lost. 每張門票包含一份塔可,可在任何攤販兌換,請妥善保管好您的兌換卷,恕不

🎵🎵 Music🎵🎵
Each session will include a LIVE, salsa dancing, and Latin music all day and night by Latinos Taiwan !



🍻🍹🍸The Bar🍸🍹🍻
Margaritas, sangria and other latin inspired cocktails brought to you by Tiki Taipei!

🍹Specialty Drink Vendors🍹
Can't drink? No worries, we got you covered. Fruit juices & non alcoholic craft sodas will be available.

別擔心。 我們有很多好喝的無酒精飲料!

Vegan dinner and chilling.

Needs a location

Ask for the Meetup. After dinner, we will walk to Belly Barcade to play pool for free. We can drink and dance too. If you have a better idea we can discuss it.

English/Chinese language and cultural exchange 中英文語言文化交流

We are meeting at Mr. Brown's, in person, unless the venue goes back to no dine-in again.

**If you prefer not to meet in person, the online Discord meetup will also be available starting at 9am, since we've had quite a few people from outside of Taipei, including those in the US, that joined last year and wished to continue meeting online. This will last one hour unless people want to continue chatting past 10am online. Here's the link to join the chat room on discord (線上交流的邀請連結) --- https://discord.gg/chzrskAJY5

• What we'll do:
Chinese and English language exchange. Come share your experiences in language learning, culture, travel, etc.; meet new friends; practice English/Chinese with native speakers. 中英文語言文化交流。來認識新朋友,分享生活與國內外旅遊經驗,練習說英文/中文。

• What to bring:
Yourself. Questions you'd like to ask others.

• Important to know:
As a courtesy to the cafe for providing a meeting venue, it'd be great if everyone can order a drink or snack. 基於對店家提供場地的禮貌,希望每位來參加的人都能買個飲料或點心~

Though scheduled for two hours, we don't mind if you come late or leave early. If people are free after meetup, feel free to invite each other to grab lunch nearby~

Game Night & Pop Up Food Truck @ Tiki Taipei桌游和美食快閃之夜

Calling all gamers! A brand new game night has come to town! Come every Wednesday from 18:00-22:00 to play some fun social games with new friends.

Date: Every Wednesday
Time: 18:00-22:00 (You can stay longer, but the music gets louder after 10)
Location: Tiki Taipei
Maji Square 麻吉圓山
Fee: FREE (but a 1 drink minimum for the bar)

Feel free to bring your own games to share!

POP UP Food truck every week!

1st Wednesday: Taco Toro
2nd Wednesday: Masala Mama Indian
3rd Wednesday: Grab N Go Mediterranean Sandwiches
4th Wednesday: Makaya Cuisine

Clue cards
Bang! The Dice Game
The Dice Game
Code Names
Saboteur + Expansion,
Playing Cards
Cards Against Humanity
Secret Hitler
and more....

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