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Language Exchange Sunday! at German Beer Hall!
Join us this Sunday to practice a language you are learning, help others practice a language you speak and make new friends/connections while enjoying a good beer at Reichenbach Hall! All levels are welcome! Practice your Portuguese, French, Italian, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, English, Spanish and of course German! How does it work? 4pm to 4:30pm Networking, time for you to get a drink or snack and meet others before we start our language practice! 4:30pm to 7pm We will set up specific language tables, look for the sign on each table and that group will be speaking ONLY the language that corresponds to the flag/sign. You are free to come and go between language tables when you feel like either practicing a language or helping others with your native one. Fee to cover group costs: 4pm to 5pm - $1 5pm to 6pm - $2 6pm- Check-In is closed (If you arrive after 6pm, look for an organizer to get a nametag) Also, let's support the venue, let's buy AT LEAST 1 DRINK (or snack) for every hour we spend there! This contributes to the venue and allow us to keep the events at a VERY low cost! Thanks for your cooperation :-) If you do not want to spend money, please wait for a different event! MEETUP RULES: (If you come is because you AGREE to the rules below) 1. As soon as you come in, CHECK-IN with an organizer, pay the fee, fill out a name tag. You must wear a nametag for the entire event. This lets everyone know you are part of our group, making it easier for you to go up to anyone and say hello using their name, therefore creating a friendlier atmosphere! 2. Spend at least 1/4 of your time HELPING out in your native language! That way we all help each other, you meet people interested in your culture and you make more friends. 3. This a cultural group, NOT A DATING GROUP! We strongly discourage members from giving private information if you are not comfortable doing so if someone asks, is totally OK to tell them to contact you through meetup chat! (GUYS specially! Take it easy!) *We take pictures during the events, smile!* :-) Looking forward to seeing you all there! Follow us on INSTAGRAM See you soon!

Reichenbach Hall

5 West 37th St. · New York, NY