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Lansing Photo Meetup meets on the 3rd Wednesday of each month.

If your'e creating images on a DSLR , point and shoot, film camera or a mobile phone come to a Lansing Photo MeetUp at the SmarterPics classroom to compare tools, tricks, and techniques; engage in conversations and discussions on topics that will help you improve your images and master the craft of digital photography.

The meetings always have a topic or activity each month. There are also regularly scheduled events and outings. Please join in the fun with other like-minded photo geeks! There are usually 15-25 attending. We understand you.


Upcoming events (5+)

Advanced Light Metering

Smarter Pics Classroom

• What we'll do You understand the basics of controlling ISO/Shutter Speed/F-Stop for getting a proper exposure. But there are built in tools as well as some tips and tricks that will better ensure an absolutely accurate reading. In this course we will discuss: • Understanding how a light meter reads and calculates a scene’s lighting • What can go wrong with automatic metering and how is it fixed • Metering Modes – Average/Center/Spot • Exposure Lock • Exposure Compensation • Understanding Histograms – What does the graph mean? • When to use Manual Mode • Metering Landscapes and Sunsets correctly • And MORE! Cost: $30 Payable at time of class • What to bring • Important to know

Lightroom - Editing Basics

Smarter Pics Classroom

• What we'll do Lightroom is a simple yet powerful editing tool that can add new life and impact to your digital images. Most popular editing software by far as a result. As a professional photographer, Mark uses LR daily for editing. Yet it is one of the most intuitive and logical interfaces that any photographer can use. FAR easier than it’s big brother, Photoshop. In this class we will: 1. Discuss the basic layout of the modules and how each is used. 2. How to search and find files 3. Explore all of the BASICS tools including cropping, exposure, contrast, shadows, highlights, clarity and more! 4. Look at how to use the circular and gradient mask to improve portraits and landscapes 5. Fully explore the Adjust Brush and it’s ability to create editable masks 6. Show how the HSL tool can ad additional color and contrast to an image 7. Reduce noise and increase sharpness You will be asked to bring along a SD card or USB drive with 5-10 images you would like to work on. It is not essential that you have a laptop loaded with either a trial or paid version. It is suggested though. You can go to Adobe.com to purchase a copy of LR and Photoshop for $10/mo. You can also Download a free trial. COST: $30 Payable at time of class • What to bring • Important to know Lightroom is a tool for helping you create truly exceptional images.

Photoshop for Lightroom Users

Smarter Pics Classroom

• What we'll do Photoshop (PS) is bundled with Lightroom (LR) in the immensely popular “Adobe Creative Cloud for Photographers” package offered for $9.95/mo. Most people embrace quickly the editing and file management tools in LR, but get quickly overwhelmed by the PS tools. This class will help change some of that! Lightroom makes a lot of general editing and even some precision editing quite easy. But Photoshop is the ultimate in detail controls and doing more powerful and cleaner edits. During this basic class we will explain some simple tips and techniques that allow you to use tools like: Cloning – Ever want to make something, or someone, go away? Like an unwanted power line in a beautiful landscape, strangers walking into your shot, or removing an “Exit” sign or other distraction. This is one my most used PS tool! Clone Tool makes things digitally go away. Heal Tool – Sometimes you want a line, or a crease in a face or a floor or wall to vanish Dodge/Burn – You can lighten and darken areas in LR, but in PS it is much more precise and controllable Saturate/Desaturate – You can choose a small or large area to add or subtract color from gradually Compositing – We show you how to cut out an item using selection tools like magnetic lasso and magic wand, etc Text Tool – Adding text such as titles to a photo can be quite simple in PS Intro to Filters – There are LOT of filters in PS. I will show you a couple of my favs and introduce you to how filters and the filter gallery work These tools and maybe a couple more, time allowing, will help you start to understand the reason Photoshop is considered the reigning king of photo editing. Bring a laptop with Photoshop if you have it or just a good notepad and some good questions. This is going to be a pretty short class. It’s possible that a second more advanced section may be offered in the near future depending on attendance in this class. This class will be offered monthly. Cost: $30 • What to bring • Important to know

Basics Workshop - Saturday, 6hrs

Smarter Pics Classroom

Do you want to CREATE PHOTOGRAPHS and not just TAKE PICTURES? Do you not feel confident about controlling the outcome of your photos? Are you frustrated and confused sometimes about what everything does and means? Do you often use the Auto or other Program modes? This is THE most popular class we offer at SmarterPics. We guarantee you will walk away with some solid understanding and hands on experience. Feel free to talk to me or email me with any questions. [masked] ([masked]) Briefly the curriculum involves four general areas: 1. Basics of owning a camera including care, safety, exchanging lenses, understanding what focal length is, and brief overview of accessories. 2. Exposure covers the three basic controls: ISO/Aperture(f-stops)/Shutter Speed. How does each element impact your image and when/how to make adjustments. 3. How to use the pop up flash effectively. 4. Knobs and Dials on a digital camera are overwhelming until you get introduced. We will go over ALL of them and when to/not to use them. 5. Composition. Once we understand some of the technical fundamentals its time to put that knowledge to work. Usually the last couple of hours are spent outside roaming Old Town and getting some practice. We also learn to refine how we see a photo and how "making" a photo differs from just "taking a picture." If the weather is challenging, we have excellent indoor alternatives. Contrary to most of the Meetups, I am going to have to charge something for this because of the time and resources involved in offering it. We have a no-host working lunch at one of the Old Town restaurants. NOTE: This same class is offered on 3 Monday evenings from 6:30-8:30 (First three Mondays of the month) Cost: $75 Payable at the time of class.

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Basics Workshop - Saturday, 6hrs

Smarter Pics Classroom

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