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This group is mainly for PHP Artisans who are interested in Laravel (https://laravel.com/) which is one of the most advanced PHP frameworks.

Currently we are accepting new sponsors, so please write organizers a direct message if you are interested in supporting our awesome Artisans in this community.


- Join our slack channel: https://goo.gl/dwGjcb

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First Laravel meetup in 2019 : CPH

Needs a location

-0o0- : Greetings: We would like to invite all the Laravel fans in Copenhagen to join our first meetup in 2019. -0o0- : Important: For this meetup, we need a company to provide us a venue and host the event. Our PHP artisans would be highly appreciated if the host can provide drinks and some delicious snacks, like Pizza or sandwiches. In return, you will have 10-15 minutes to speak about your company and announce if you are looking to hire new people. In addition, two volunteers are needed to speak about an interesting article from the list at the bottom of this text. It would also be cool if a company can sponsor to buy 1-2 small prize(s) (like a conference ticket, ...) so then we can arrange a small competition/quiz and give the prize to the winner! -0o0- : Agenda: [pending ...] 17:00 : Doors open 17:30 : Welcome speech by organizer, agenda and format 17:45 : Welcome speech by host 18:00 : First talk: [pending speaker] 18:45 : Food and talk! 19:15 : Second talk: [pending speaker] 20:00 : Quiz && [possibly surprise!] 20:30 : Thank you for coming! - [see you next time] -0o0- : Prerequisites: - Smile and a good mood! :) - An interest in Laravel, or even PHP in general -0o0- : Suggested topics: - Laravel Nova - How to build packages - Introduction to VueJs - Asset management in Laravel - Laravel Blade templates - TDD in Laravel - Laravel Dusk - New features && possible breaking changes in 5.8 - Laravel Passport - Laravel Zero -0o0- : Additional information: - Slack channel: https://goo.gl/dwGjcb - Want to become an organizer? Please send a DM - Want to speak about a topic? Please send a DM - Want to host an event? Please send a DM.

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First Laravel CPH meetup in 2018

Needs a location

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