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This is a group for individuals that are looking socialize, network, and do fun things around Los Angeles while meeting new friends. Let's increase our social circle, social activities and explore LA!. Let's have costume parties, social networking, professional networking, pool parties, hikes, camping trips, and much more.

If you are new in town or just looking to make more friends, join us! If you have suggestions for fun meetup events, please contact the organizer. :)

We area also planning events like cruises, paintball outings, snowboarding trips and more. Let's enjoy the best time of our life together! :)

Upcoming events (4+)

Game Night in Hollywood! New Friends Cards Against Humanity Jenga, Taboo & more!

What are you doing Saturday night? Why not come and join the largest Los Angeles social group and play fun games such as Cards Against Humanity, Jenga, Uno, Exploding Kittens, Never Have I Ever & more. It's a GREAT way to make new friends!

Join us for a fun-tastic game night and kick some butts.... I mean, meet new friends.... (hehe)!!! Join us for this terrific event and meet new friends at a beautiful venue.

We will start the evening with an ice-breaker game where you will mix-and-mingle with everyone. This helps you figure out the group of new friends you would like to challenge for the first board game! Once seated, feel free to rotate through the various tables and meet new friends and play different games!

We are hosting this event at Academy, a beautiful Nightclub in Hollywood! Academy is hosting us privately before it opens its doors to the public. What's awesome? When Game Night ends, you can stay in Academy and dance the night away with your new friends.

Coming by yourself? Most people do! Don't worry. In no time, you will make a bunch of new friends; everyone at the event is there for the event. No "outsiders!" We have the venue to ourselves during Game Night!

Event Agenda

8:00 pm to 8:30 pm - Social time. Grab a drink, meet and greet your new friends.

8:30 pm to 10:00 pm - Enjoy the games and the drink specials while losing... I mean, winning! At 10:00 pm The Academy will open to the public. Starting at 9:30 we will start putting the games away, but you are free to hang out all night and enjoy the DJ! :)

Note: It will not be advantageous to arrive late. Guests that show up on time normally end up meeting everyone and have the most fun. Come on time at 8. :)

IMPORTANT: You MUST arrive before 9:30 to join Game Night. If you arrive after 9:30 you will have to wait in line until after 10 when Academy opens to the public and will have to pay full club admission.

Cost: Entrance is $10 cash.

Dress Code: Upscale casual.

Parking: There are several lots in the area. If you park on the street, be sure to read the signs.

Taking the Metro? Take the Red Line to the Hollywood/Vine stop and walk 2 blocks.

This Meetup event is crossed-posted on many, many meetup groups. Expect a great turnout!! :)

Friendship Circle Social Mixer!

Needs a location


It's been over a year of sheltering at home. It is time to meet, connect and make new friends. It would be great to have friends to travel, eat and just walk around the neighborhood with! Come out, exchange some numbers and let's socialize and feel normal again!

The evening kicks off with an ice breaker game. This helps everyone strike up fun conversation while allowing those with more competitive nature to win a game or two. Please come on time to really get the conversations going. Often time, those that come later thinks everyone knows each other; that is not the case, everyone already warmed up and the conversation are flowing! Be the first and take advantage of meeting everyone! Join us!

We are hosting this event at the The Room Santa Monica. The entrance to the Room is ONLY from the Parking Lot (not from the street). This is one of those exotic lounges in LA that feels like a Speakeasy. Come and check out this unique location while meeting new friends!

Coming by yourself? Most people do! In no time you will be make a bunch of new friends. We will have the entire venue to ourselves for the duration of our event; it will be the perfect place to mix and mingle!

Note: It will be advantageous to arrive right at 8PM. Guests that show up on time normally end up meeting everyone and have the most fun. We will see you this Saturday. Join us!

Cost: $10 cash at the entrance.

Dress Code: Stylish attire.

Parking: There are parking lots around The Room between $5-$15. If you park a few blocks away, there may be free street parking; please read the signs for restrictions.

This Meetup event is crossed-posted on many, many meetup groups. Expect a great turnout!! :)

Ultimate Death Valley Road Trip AND Camping & Dark Skies & Meteors !!.........

As the hottest, driest and lowest national park, Death Valley is a place of contrasts and extremes. From a scorching desert, to snow that frosts the park’s towering peaks to lush wildflower meadows & small oasis that provide a reprieve from the heat to seemingly endless desert plains!

Aside from the blistering sun and bright in the day, it's also a Dark Skies location AND and is is also amazing photos at every turn.

late Oct is mid 70's in the day and mid-50's at night. Perfect time of year. Over our weekend there will be THE PEAK of the Orionoids Meteor Shower

This event is for camping and a road trip. Our site is civilized with flush restrooms, and running water. As well as some shops/stores close if needed.

This is the perfect time to explore our own backyard. California has so much to offer! And what better way to enjoy the stunning nature in these strange times than camping. It is the safest, most fun and covid-safe social activity!

This is also FLEXIBLE camping. You can do two or three nights. Your choice.
Fri: Arrive at your site and setup.

Sat: Head out and explore the park. The park as much to offer from harder hikes, to easy hikes or to all car with only a few steps needed.
We split between those who want some good hikes and those who want more of road trip w/ several smaller hikes. We have a planned route and you can be with us. Or you can strike out on your own.

Sun: you get to do on Sun what you did not do on Sat. And head home. Or you can stay Sunday night and head out Mon.

Click Here for things to do the way home.

Click Here for a good guide resource.
Click Here for another one.

What do I bring? Due to varied dietary needs and food contact issues, it's better if bring what you like and prep it. The logistics of providing food for every possible diet, as well as food prep issues is just not feasible or safe.
The only specialized gear you need to bring is Tent, Sleeping bag, Sleeping Pad (yoga mat). Everything else is household items you already have.

Newbie? Solo Traveler? Singles? Kids? Older? Younger? In the middle?
***Absolutely Yes.

  • Many come solo.
  • Perfect for first-timers.
  • Come alone and leave with friends. Come with friends & leave with more friends.

Cost for Tent Camping, two or three nights camping is $79 Per Person.
To ATTEND THIS EVENT . . . RSVP and then Click Here for Secure Payment link and Click Here to fill out our google form

IF you are a X2 or have a +1 just do the payment link twice. Kids under 18 are free.

Click Here to Send Direct Message questions

We do a Local Camping Zoom Q & A (every other) Wed 7:30 PM
Meet others attending, be social, or come and get any questions answered. Click Here for the Camping Zoom Event

In addition to the zoom we also have some informational pages you may want to look at and review.

Click Here for The Main place where posted. RSVP there to be part of conversations.
Click here for a Gallery from the last time we went

This event will be under any required permit and permission with required safety certifications, plans, insurance filed and in full compliance.

NOTE: We do not discriminate by age, gender, gender preference, ethnicity, race, color, national origin, disability or family status.

We believe in good decent social. We have a set of sister group we post our local free, local/regional camping, and our overseas events too.


Singles - Join us for the Largest Los Angeles Singes Mixer!! Free tickets!

Fall Mingle Mixer! Now that Summer is over, and the holidays are coming soon, it's time to mix and mingle!

--FREE tickets for first time attendees. See details below. :)

This is a great mixer with[masked] singles mingling through a couple of fun ice breaker games. Expect to meet lots of nice people!

Location: The Room Santa Monica, an exotic lounge. The entrance to The Room is via the Parking Lot (not from the street). Come and check out this unique location while meeting new friends!

People often ask me if they can come by themselves...... Don't worry, in no time you will be making a bunch of new friends because everyone there will be from Meetup!


8:00 PM to 8:30PM - Grab a drink, say hello to people around you. :)

8:30 to 9:15PM - Game 1

9:15to 10:00 PM - Game 2

10 PM - ??? - Enjoy LA night life with your new friends! The Room will have a DJ come on so you can chill and dance!

Cover: Please bring $10 cash at the entrance.

Parking: There are parking lots around The Room between $5-$15. If you park a few blocks away, there may be free street parking; please read the signs for restrictions.

Age Range of attendees is 21 and above! :)

This Meetup event is crossed-posted on many, many meetup groups with Mix Professionals being the main meetup. Expect a great turnout!

Free Ticket offer: We are giving away a limited number of FREE tickets to first time attendees. Conditions: (1) Must be first time attending Mix Professionals event, (2) check in with hosts before 8:30 & (3) Name on ticket must match ID. Otherwise standard admission applies. Get your ticket on Eventbrite HERE.

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