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Winter Solstice Fire Ritual and Gathering
There is no open journey circle in December. Please do not email me with questions about the ritual or preparation. All that you need to prepare is here. Please read and do your best to follow the instructions. We will be having the Winter Solstice Fire Ritual, preparation is required to participate and can be found below. This will be followed by a Potluck Gathering Feast, and all who contribute to the potluck are welcome. The Potluck usually begins around 8:00 PM. To sign up for the potluck, go to Name: Journey Circle Solstice Ritual Password: Solstice Doors open at 6:00 PM Ritual begins at 6:30 PM, be prepared to be outside for the ritual. If you RSVP and then change your plans, please change your RSVP The preparation for the Fire Ritual: Winter Ritual will be about moving our Love into aligned action in the world. The idea is that we ask the fire to help us to make a transformation now. Work with that transformation over the winter. Emerge in the spring able to express ourselves more fully in aligned action in our real lives. Question 1: This question is to find the aspects of yourself that need to transform and be seen in the world in the Spring. (It could be all three or just one). Please show me my: 1. childish and immature ways I do not see that I need to release 2. old, distorted ways of thinking that need to be purified 3. habitual emotions that need to be cleansed to return to their essence Create power objects for these three things. Question 2: This question is to find the specific type/area of courage (to change) and strength of heart (to take action and be seen) that you need to make the changes in if you are to actually take the actions in the world. Merge with your helping spirit as ask to use its eyes to see what you are not seeing. Ask to see how you are doing the following behaviors instead of changing and expressing. Please show me how I am being: 1. over-identified with being independent and self-sufficient, different, and without a greater purpose. (Rebel) 2. wounded and lashing out with blame and judgment, then responding with disappointment, avoidance, and withdrawal (Victim) 3. Projecting my power and authority on to others I have put on a pedestal (Disciple) 4. Staying invisible to avoid reclaiming personal power (Invisible) Work with these four answers to change/transform the energies above and prepare one power object of all the energies for the ritual. At the fire, after the release of these energies you will need to ask clearly to bring your new self into the world Power object Guidelines: 1. No bigger than your head 2. Make sure all parts are burnable and nontoxic when burning 3. You can create many power objects or two, one with the energies from the first journey and one with the energies from the second journey. Suggested donation: $5-12 In summary, you will need to bring: 2-4 power objects to be burned Clothing to be outside potluck offering for the Gathering Classes, including Basic Shamanic Journey classes, can be found in the calendar at (

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Open classes at Last Mask center are open to ALL. We are interested in those who who want to develop their journey skills so that they empowered to enter the deeper and more nourishing realms of their relationship with Spirit. We are interested in those who want to explore shamanic healing as a way to get their energy out of old patterns and into the discovery and expression of their unique destiny. We are interested in those who would like to enrich their lives through intentional ritual and ceremony. We want to become a foundation for a vibrant and diverse shamanic community with energetic integrity. Events are lead by shaman, author, and teacher, Christina Pratt.

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