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What we’re about

Laughter is the best medicine! Anyone can laugh at any time for no reason at all. We don't need comedy or jokes - we can laugh while just being ourselves and having fun being playful. When we gather as a group, we'll practice doing just that.

Laughter yoga combines laughter exercises with yoga breathing, leaving participants energized, relaxed, and happier. Research has found that we gain the same amazing physical and emotional health benefits from pretending to laugh as we do from genuine laughter. Laughter yoga is based on this premise. After engaging in laughter exercises with the group, most participants find that they begin to laugh genuinely and really have a lot of fun.

Happy Hour Play Therapy invite adults to relax, be silly, get creative, and engage in fun exercises in community. Play isn't just for kids! Exercise your play muscles and learn some new ways to unwind at the end of your workday or workweek.

So, come join us - reduce your stress, exercise your heart (emotionally and physically), enjoy time in community, and feel happier. We look forward to playing and laughing together!

About Laughter Yoga Teacher Elizabeth Venart: Trained in June 2011 as a Laughter Yoga Teacher, she has been sharing this fabulous practice ever since. She leads a weekly online class and periodically holds in-person classes and participates in wellness retreats. She also leads laughter programs for organizations and universities.
Periodically, I may list laughter yoga club happenings at different locations throughout the area - and at different times during the week and weekend (like evenings and Saturdays). Stay tuned!