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We will resume meetings in January 2024.

LAW OF ATTRACTION LONG ISLAND is for people who are interested in learning and practicing the concept of The Law of Attraction. Briefly, as a group we learn to allow what we want in; to attract love, health, abundance, prosperity and acquire spiritual insights; to take inspired action in manifesting what you want in your life and having gratitude for what you have. In short, it's about the power of positive thinking. We all learn from one another!

We meet in-person as well as on ZOOM. Locations can be subject to change at the last minute. Please check back on the day of the meetup to be sure of meetup location. There are also podcasts that are included for you to view any time you want!

It is essential to sign up for Organizer's Messages for updates on meetings and for new speaker presentations.

We have 2 meetings a month at different locations or via Zoom; be sure to check where and time. There are many aspects of the Law of Attraction which we cover over the year. There are introductory meetings for new members; a book series, some networking meetings, LOA field trips and even LOA Socials! We cover countless subjects which pertain to the Law of Attraction. We also cover some advanced topics for discussion as well, from time to time.

If you have an LOA subject you would like to see covered, just let us know! Members can present, or bring in a guest speaker; however, there is no monetary compensation for presenting. Please note this is not for networking or selling products/services. By all means, a presenter can introduce their profession and what they offer, but it must not be the main content of the presentation. Contact Helen via email ( with an outline if you have an idea, suggestion or someone we would enjoy hearing from!

The meetings run for approximately one to two hours. There is usually a lecture session, followed by questions and discussion. If you want to join in the discussions, please do... if you want to just listen and take it all in, that's fine, too.

Learn how to manifest your desires with other like-minded people. Increase your sense of well-being with The Law of Attraction.
Let's press re-set.

Helen, Organizer and Event Host
Sheryl, Co-Organizer 
Linda, Assistant Organizer 
Carole, Assistant Organizer
Anna, Assistant Organizer
Nina, Assistant Organizer
We will see you soon!