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LAW OF ATTRACTION LONG ISLAND is for people who are interested in learning and practicing the concept of The Law of Attraction. Briefly, as a group we learn to attract abundance, prosperity and acquire spiritual insights; manifesting what you want in your life and having gratitude for what you have. In short, it's about the power of positive thinking. We all learn from one another!

We have 2-3 meetings every month at different locations, be sure to check where and time. There are many aspects of the Law of Attraction which we cover over the year. There are introductory meetings for new members; a book series, some networking meetings, LOA field trips and even LOA Socials! We cover countless subjects which pertain to the Law of Attraction. We also cover some advanced topics for discussion as well, from time to time.

If you have an LOA subject you would like to see covered, just let us know! Members can present, or bring in a guest speaker; however, there is no monetary compensation for presenting. Please note this is not for networking or selling products/services. By all means, a presenter can introduce their profession and what they offer, but it must not be the main content of the presentation. Contact Helen via email (hc.lawofattractionli@gmail.com) with an outline if you have an idea, suggestion or someone we would enjoy hearing from!

The meetings run for approximately two hours. There is usually a lecture session, followed by questions and discussion. If you want to join in the discussions, please do... if you want to just listen and take it all in, that's fine, too.

Learn how to manifest your desires with other like-minded people. Increase your sense of well-being with The Law of Attraction.

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Helen, Organizer and Event Host

Sheryl, Co-Organizer

Sue, Assistant Organizer

Lynda, Assistant Organizer

Terry, Assistant Organizer

We will see you soon! 2018 has been a great year! Let's Rock 2019 Together!

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The Secret Power of Allowing!

Bethpage Community Park & Ice Rink

"The Secret Power of Allowing!" Tonight we will learn how easy it is to let all that you desire Flow To You! Most people tend to overthink the process, when it couldn't be more simple! You don't actually have to do anything but get happy by focusing only on the good! It's everything else that you are doing that is blocking what would naturally come to you, if you could just get out of your own way! The universe doesn't require hard work, nor do you have to prove yourself worthy of that which they are so willing and eager to give to you! Joy is yours to behold merely by the fact that you exist! It is only you who have built the barriers to having everything that you desire! In the moment you release your attempt to control things, all that you want can be yours in an instant! Jo Anne will be presenting us with concepts and changing our perspectives in order to see things as The Universe does, to help us release our need to control, and instead find our peace and place within this amazing universe! This is a safe and loving forum in which you can feel free to ask questions regarding how to create a new perspective in which to approach things. Your individual questions will bring answers that are sure to help many others. You may just pick up that one little piece that will get you, at last, over the hurdle. :) The beautiful bond of energy in the room has been palpable in Jo Anne's previous presentations - our Oneness undeniable! Come and enter the joy of the vortex with us and our deep dive into the Law of Attraction! $5.00 per person.


Bethpage Community Park & Ice Rink

Who you hang out with really matters. Lets talk about the pros/cons of your tribe and how it can affect your well-being. Helen will be leading this meeting. $5.00 per person.

Kundalini Yoga and the LOA (Tuesday)

Bethpage Community Park & Ice Rink

Guest Speaker Eva G. Kane. Kundalini combines breathing, meditation relaxation and powerful movements with music and mantra. Providing tangible tools to calm anxiety and stress, this 'yoga of awareness' is a perfect compliment to the practices of the law of attraction, self-healing, mindfulness and deep meditation. $5.00 per person.

Bodhi meditation - Bellmore Long Island (free)

Nan Ni Healing Arts Center

Please sign up under the Nassau County Yoga + Meditation Meetup!!! Come and experience how this unique meditation can help you purify your body and mind and unleash the creative power within you. * increase self-awareness * stronger emotional intelligence * greater mental Clarity, focus and inspiration. Bodhi meditation energizes your body and strengthens your mind. Bodhi meditation is a form of energy healing Bodhi meditation is unique in the following ways: 1.) It channels Universal energy rather than working with what's within one person. It transcends the generic and physical limits of just one being by relying and drawing energy from the universe. 2.) The entire human body is the receiver of this energy. The energy effects on the body do not rely on certain Meridian paths or pressure points of the body, which are the common requirements of many types of Qi-Gong practices. Students will experience two forms of Bodhi meditation: * Seated * Movement Your class instructor is Nan Ni Gilbert. Nan is a NYS licensed acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist. Nan is also one of the most advanced Bodhi meditation energy healers in North America. People, to maximize your experience, please bring the right equipment to the class. Right equipment = an open heart. Greater illumination - Standing Meditation Bodhi meditation website: https://www.puti.org 7:30 p.m. - 9 p.m. Monday and Wednesday night Cost: FREE Contact: Nan, [masked]

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Bethpage Community Park & Ice Rink

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