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***PLEASE BOOK IN ADVANCE TO GUARANTEE YOUR SPACE AT THE SEMINAR.*** Booking is available at the following web-page: The Law of Attraction Centre’s One Day Seminar provides a powerful, personal development programme to assist you in creating the life you want and experiencing a deeper connection with your true self. During this one day event you will learn the theory behind the Law of Attraction and how to apply it as an approach to life through the practicing of specific, practical techniques on a daily basis. Tracy’s pioneering presentation delivering The Law of Attraction Centre technology is optimistic and soothing, whilst bringing empowering results on all subjects. Inspiring, comprehensive handouts will be provided. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ In this intensive one day seminar you will: • Learn the principles of manifestation • Discover how to clear your mind so that you can feel your intuition • Learn a program of powerful, practical techniques to utilise to create more of what you want: your ideal career, improved relationships, abundance, health & well-being or any other desire • Discover how to release any challenging emotions or hindering beliefs • Meet and connect with like-minded people • Take time out to connect more deeply with your true self ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Reviews: “Since putting in to practice what I learned so many wonderful things have happened. This has included my friend letting me and my family stay in their holiday apartment for free, the opportunity to buy two properties to rent out coming to me and many synchronicities which show me that I’m on track like looking at the clock and it showing 11:11. However, whilst these things have been great I would say that by far the greatest manifestation for me is the well-being and sense of spiritual connection that I feel. I really value and look forward to my daily writing of the Law of Attraction exercises and meditation.” “I left the workshop with a renewed sense of hope and feeling that I knew what techniques to do to make the changes that I want to make.” “The workshop consolidated and simplified much of what I’ve learnt over the years in different spiritual teachings and gave me a clear understanding of how the different teachings fit together and how I can most effectively apply them.” “I love the tenor of what Tracy does. Sincere. Heart-felt. Authentic. Enthusiastic about the journey. Enlivened by the potential. Awakened to the discovery and the simplicity. Committed to unconditionally being a part of the joy. Recognising that the potential for joy is always there.” “Very informative and amazing positive energy.” “The workshop affirmed what I felt I knew on a deep level and gave me the tools to apply the Law of Attraction. Thank You.” “Highly recommend, it is clear that Tracy practices what she teaches.” “Feel-good and bursting with a sense of real possibilities.” “The workshops help to keep me inspired and I feel like they give me ‘an energetic tune-up’.” “Excellent workshop with clear theory and powerful, practical techniques that have led to significant positive changes in my life.” For a large collection of success stories of Law Attraction Centre members living the Law of Attraction, please see: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The seminar will commence at 10am and finish at 4pm. Cost: £60 before 14/07/17, £70 after ***The workshop is taking place at evolve, to reserve your place, please visit: For directions to Evolve, please see: This event welcomes everyone who would like to learn, grow and make positive changes. It is suitable for you whether you are new to the principles of the Law of Attraction or you have already begun to apply them in your life. Facilitated by Tracy Friend ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ About Tracy: Tracy is a leading Law of Attraction teacher, coach and authority on the Law of Attraction. She is co-founder of the Law of Attraction Centre, the largest and most inspirational community of ‘Living the Law of Attraction’ in Europe. Tracy hosts weekly groups offline and online, in addition to workshops and retreats across the UK, Europe, US and Asia. She specialises in helping people to create the joyous life that they want through the application of powerful Law of Attraction tools and processes. Tracy holds a First-Class Honours degree in Psychology from the University of Bristol. She has witnessed time and time again the amazing, profound effect of the application of simple Law of Attraction processes in positively transforming people’s lives. Visit her Website:

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Do you want to feel good and improve the quality of your life, meeting likeminded people in the process? Would you like to empower yourself with a proven, practical approach to life? Whether you're a beginner or have more experience with the Law of Attraction philosophy, these meetings and events are perfect for you.

The Law of Attraction Centre ( ) is the largest and most talked about community of its kind in Europe which was first established in 2003, with over 3000 groups and events having been held to date. Join us to experience for yourself how good your life can be- meeting fun, friendly and inspirational people along the way.

This open-minded philosophy has been described as 'the teaching at the heart of all spiritual paths', and yet transcends any one belief system. People from all backgrounds resonate with it as it is so simple and freeing, non-judgemental and self-empowering. We welcome and embrace everyone.

Leading teachers Tracy Friend and Michael James run weekly groups both online and in-person.

In addition they hold regular workshops where there is the opportunity to deepen your understanding and experience.

They are pleased to share with you real-life success stories from the groups and workshops of how the Law of Attraction Centre's approach is working for people. Please see:

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We look forward to meeting you soon.

Best wishes,

Tracy Friend & Michael James



"Wonderful and the changes to my life are nothing short of amazing."

"Make sure you stop by at this group... It's A+++"

"Out of this world."

"Never experienced so much fun, joy, excitement and love from one group of people in one place."

"What a wonderful night and a wonderful group."

"Michael is gifted in a completely unique way- he can hear the note of truth in all dialogue and is able to guide you there with grace and ease."

"I love the tenor of what Tracy does... Authentic, committed to unconditionally being a part of the joy and recognising that the potential for joy is always there."



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