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What we’re about

The purpose of LEADS Club is to assist you in getting good business referrals that will expand your business success.  Leads Club is dedicated to maximizing the use of your time and resources to get good business referrals. To accomplish this goal, LEADS Club uses a method of spaced, timed, and repetition of information. We are not a social club. We are a business dedicated to increasing your business success.

As members, we speak honestly and use good business ethics. We are strong, courageous, and resourceful. We know conscious cooperation produces results. We make a commitment to the success and prosperity of ourselves and other LEADS Club members.

Each member of this group is in a different category of business, creating a non-competitive environment and a built-in client base and support group. We are seeking new members to enhance and grow our bottom line.

Current members of the Women's Prosperity Partners have a Sponsor Badge under the “more tab, scroll through the “Sponsors”  to view our current members and their business category.

We welcome you to join us for lunch with our prosperous and ambitious business women. If you have a business in a category other than our current members, you will have two opportunities to promote your business at each meeting. If you have a business in a competing category to a current member we welcome you to attend the meeting as an observer. We love to have guests in any category of business, which keeps our membership fresh, vibrant, invigorating, and profitable.  We can help you grow your bottom line. This could be the best decision for your career.

Please contact our Member Liaison, Tammy Dobrotin, for details and to discuss your business category: 805-687-8480


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