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What we’re about

Join a community of people dedicated to creating a safe space for conscious healing, self-discovery, and transformation.

Here you will find group breathwork ceremonies, healing circles, workshops, and retreats all dedicated to offering the framework for your healing journey.
Embodied breathwork reconnects us to our most authentic self while simultaneously dismantling our habitual survival patterns we relied on in childhood.  When we release these outdated patterns of protection we free ourselves from underlying restrictions in our mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual life. Breathwork supports the integration of our past traumas and also resets the nervous system, allowing us to experience a feeling of embodiment and well-being. Through harmonizing the nervous system, we start to experience our lives less colored by past traumas and survival strategies, and more rooted in the present moment. 
Leah Grace is a psychospiritual and somatic therapist for conscious entrepreneurs and leaders. After 19+ years working with clients, her mission is to alleviate the suffering caused by being held back from actualizing our potential. She is the creator of the Soul Aligned Leadership programs. Leah combines strategic coaching, neuroscience, breath and somatic work into one program to facilitate transformation and reveal a whole new way of living and leading – in alignment with your true self. Leah has studied breathwork in India and has level 1 & 2 certification from Byodynamic Breathwork for Trauma Release. She also has a certification in Developmental Trauma training from BBTRS. 
​Micah McLaughlin is a psychospiritual and somatic bodywork practitioner. He utilizes breathwork, dialogue, and somatic therapies to assist individuals in finding their way back to full embodiment and presence. By working to integrate childhood beliefs and behaviors, developmental traumas, and shock traumas, Micah supports individuals as they learn to feel again. This makes it possible to build a life filled with safety, meaning, and purpose; a life not dictated by past beliefs and habitual patterns, but one in the here and now--fully present to the unfolding beauty of each moment.