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Lean Startup Circle is dedicated to applying lean startup thinking and building lean startup leadership. We bring the Silicon Valley lean startup community together in a variety of formats (many of which involve beer) to learn from each other. What works? What doesn't? Is lean just a buzzword? Or can it really help build businesses? * The Lean Startup is a trademark and service mark owned by Eric Ries. *

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Accidental Learnings from an Accidental PM

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Business is a complex (not just complicated) endeavor. Most successes happen in spite of errors. And most successes are temporary, depending on your time horizon. Depending on the sources of errors, and your mindset, these can be insanely frustrating, or liberating. Bill Seitz will share some of his learnings, so you can experience more "interesting" errors.

About Bill Seitz

  • Bill started his first Internet startup the year Mosaic came out.
  • He has built a half-dozen product teams, as combo CTO and CPO, all in different industries, leading to 2 IPOs (1 long-delayed), and 1 strategic acquisition.
  • But he still can't afford to retire.

Directed Opportunism: a Summary of The Art of Action

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How to create aligned, autonomous action to achieve a collective goal.

About Jason Yip
Jason is a Staff Agile Coach at Spotify NYC since 2015, supporting Spotify Advertising R&D, mostly around managing the effects of scaling and supporting leadership teams. Prior to Spotify, he was a Principal Consultant at ThoughtWorks since 2001, mostly in Australia. While at ThoughtWorks, he was a committer on CruiseControl, the first Open Source continuous integration server. He first encountered Extreme Programming in 1999. He mostly writes on Twitter (@jchyip) and Medium (https://jchyip.medium.com).

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