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What we’re about

Silicon Valley Startups with global members bring innovation and creativity to change the world!

Events are a mix of founder stories, lessons learned and Lean Startup thought leaders like Steve Blank, Eric Ries, Ash Maurya, Rob Fitzpatrick, Etienne Garbugli, and Sean Murphy.  Past events can be found at

Together we

  • celebrate technology
  • learn to be resourceful
  • want always to be learning
  • empower each other

Lean Startup Circle is dedicated to applying lean startup thinking and building lean startup leadership. We bring the Silicon Valley lean startup community together in a variety of formats (many of which involve beer) to learn from each other. What works? What doesn't? Is lean just a buzzword? Or can it really help build businesses? * The Lean Startup is a trademark and service mark owned by Eric Ries. *

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