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Innovating within Established Organisations
These days we see “innovation” a lot. But talking about it and doing it are different things. Inspired by breakthrough examples startup successes we’ve all seen in recent years, some of us have planned, tried and sometimes succeeded in “innovating from the inside” of our organisations. But being an internal innovator, “intra”preneur, or internal founder, is not easy. Things move slowly, blockers appear that are seemingly out of our control, we might not get the sponsorship or support required, roles and boundaries can be ambiguous both in terms of what we need to achieve and who we need to work with, and often most frustratingly of all, what does success even look like? Regardless, more and more organisations recognize the need to have “startup-like” innovation capabilities. EVENT DESCRIPTION So what if there was a way to know exactly where and how to start with new ideas to get the necessary buy-in? And to do it with really low budgets? What if you and your team could be systematically entrepreneurial, working and thinking as a startup would, but adapted for a large organisation environment? "Float like a founder, sting like a startup" is a discussion and hands-on immersion for anyone interested or involved in internal innovation/entrepreneurship. You’ll hear about two internal innovation journeys and their lessons from the trenches, as well as take part in an introductory workshop to the Lean Startup Methodology to get your own ideas going first thing next morning. Sponsored by Studio Zao, a buotique agency helping large organisations develop entrepreneurial capabilities, and supported by Central Working office work spaces, is a practical journey not to be missed for any business professionals who want to explore internal/corporate entrepreneurship. ++++ BOOK ON EVENTBRITE: AGENDA 18:00 - 18:05: Welcome address from Studio Zao and Central Working 18:05 - 18:30: Intrapreneurs panel: lessons from the trenches of corporate innovation and Q&A. Guest speakers: Paul Custance (former Sony Music Director, now founder at Lirica) and Shona Tatchell (former Director at Barclays and HSBC, now founder at Halotrade) 18:30 - 20:00: Workshop // Lean Startup Basic and compiling a Lean Canvas. Bring your own new business or product innovation idea to start working on it as a startup would do from tomorrow 20:00 - 21:00: Networking and Beer London’s Lean Startup co. Ambassador Davide Turi will take us through Lean Startup Basics for internal innovation, and guide you to compile a Lean Canvas - the best tool for getting entrepreneurial ideas off the ground and start working as a startup. WHO THIS IS FOR Product managers who are responsible for the evolution and performance of their own product line Product Development and R&D managers who need to drive product innovation Innovation managers who need to drive product, service and business innovation and internal culture change Employed professionals who have ideas they want to propose or to work on PRACTICAL BITS - The workshop will start at 18:00 - Bring your own laptop. In case you don't have it, you'll be provided with printed Lean Canvases templates and pens. - The event will run with minimum 5 partecipants. In case the minimum number is not reached, you will be either refunded or offered to option to join the next one. ++++ BOOK ON EVENTBRITE:

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