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Lean Startup Night London, hosted by ambassadors Davide Turi and Mark Elliott, is a special event that aims to bring the Lean Startup community together to share knowledge, get inspired and network.
Speakers from startups and corporate innovation will share their best practices and hardest lessons learnt using the Lean Startup methodology to create innovative products and services.

Lean Startup Night is supported by Eric Ries' Lean Startup Co.


Davide Turi has founded Studio Zao, a London-based innovation and talent development studio. They partner with the world’s leading organisations to drive growth and resilience through intrapreneurship.

For over two decades, Studio Zao has fine-tuned intrapreneurial techniques to empower the people at the heart of organisations. They have launched 150+ solutions together with Target, Sony Music Entertainment, NHS, EY, Wellcome Trust, among others and trained over 2,000 intrapreneurs to identify new growth opportunities for their organisations.

To find out more about Studio Zao please visit www.studiozao.com (http://www.studiozao.com/)

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Internal Innovation Summit: How Organisations are Structuring for Success

Technological advancements, geo-political instability, climate change and the recent Covid-19 pandemic have accelerated the pace of unpredictable change across industries, society and almost all walks of life, and created a Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous (VUCA) environment for businesses to operate.

This is calling for a new approach to drive innovation, launching more innovation projects, more efficiently, while relying on internal talent.

The Internal Innovation Summit brings together industry leaders to explore how organisations are adapting to the business environment, how they structure resources and governance, and what is the talent required to enable successful internal innovation at scale.


Internal innovators deliver tangible outcomes by applying Intrapreneurship, i.e. the same tools entrepreneurs use to launch startups, adapted to a large organisation.

They leverage employees’ and internal stakeholders’ mastery of the company’s core competencies, customer access, existing resources and regulatory cover better than anyone else.

We will learn how Airbus, Sky and Lloyds Banking Group have successfully launched internal innovation initiatives leveraging Intrapreneurship to deliver growth and resilient transformation.

Mina Bastawros: Strategic Marketing Director at Airbus, Corporate Founder and Intrapreneur.
Rose Tighe: Innovation Lab leader at Sky, Product Leader and Intrapreneur, ex Amazon.
Paola Miani: Head of Design Culture at Lloyds Banking Group, Innovation Coach, ex Lean Startup Machine.

18:00 - 18:30 Arrivals, pizzas and drinks
18:30 - 19:45 Speakers keynotes and Q&A
19:45 - 21:00 Networking, more pizzas and drinks

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