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What we’re about

This group was formed in order to encourage aspiring web developers in Los Angeles to advance their learning together :)

Build incredible products using web development fundamentals in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. We hold weekly web-dev sessions on Tuesdays at Codesmith. Join other aspiring web developers and start building amazing products!

Learn callbacks, higher order functions (like map, reduce, filter, forEach) - the underscore and lowdash library array manipulation functions. Learn object oriented programming (how the new keyword works, how prototypes work etc) in JavaScript. Understand closure and scope in JavaScript. All classes are free and have an element of pair-programming - the best way to learn JavaScript and programming

Hosted at Codesmith HQ (5300 Beethoven St) every week on Tuesdays 6:30pm-8:00pm

Price: Always free


Meet the Host: Codesmith (

Codesmith teaches full stack software engineering in JavaScript through a 12 week immersive program. 

We teach computer science, object-oriented JavaScript, React, Angular, Node, distributed systems and mobile development so our grads can secure mid-to-senior level software engineering positions or launch their own ventures

The next cohort begins August 17. Apply at

To apply for a scholarship, apply to the program at If you're admitted to the program, you'll then be able to apply for the scholarship. For further questions email