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What we’re about

LEARNTOR is an EdTech startup dedicated to promoting diversity in technology, increasing access to a more inclusive and equitable future, and providing high-quality, in-demand training to close Africa's digital skills gap. The mission of LEARNTOR is to inspire the next generation of African female and youth technologists to embrace technology while bridging the digital skills gap. Secondary school students benefit from our B2B robotics and programming language (HTML, JAVA, CSS, Python) training, whereas our B2C focuses on Agile Digital Transformation Training in Agile, Scrum, Kanban, and Data Analytics (SQL, Python, PowerBI, and Tableau). LEARNTOR also provides mentorship and career development programmes to help learners develop the skills they need to succeed in the tech industry. Our comprehensive approach aims to empower African women to become technology leaders and to drive innovation on the continent.

LEARNTOR has trained 2380 Nigerians, with 75% of them being women, and has established international partnerships with scrumorg for Scrum Master Certification accreditation and Taskilled for European Internship job placement, resulting in a 360-degree learning experience. This approach not only provides technical skills but also opportunities for practical experience and career advancement. By prioritising the training of African women, we are working towards a more inclusive and diverse tech industry in Africa.

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