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What we’re about

Welcome to Les-be-friends Vancouver!

We are a group of fun-loving lesbian and bi-sexual women who don't take themselves too seriously. If you want to make some new friends while potlucking, dancing, watching movies and much, much more then join us!

We are a community-based, community-driven group meaning YOU come up with the ideas and have the opportunity to host events.
Please see the guidelines below before requesting to join.

-Les-be-friends Organizer

*You must self identify as a lesbian or bi-sexual woman. 

*You must have a picture of yourself in your profile, needs to be a clear shot of your face with no other people in the photo. This is for security at events so that you are easily recognizable to others and that you can easily recognize others.

*You must use your first name.

*If you have not logged in for six months you will be removed but are more than welcome to rejoin the group. This is to encourage members to take an active part in hosting and attending functions. 

*If you have "no-showed" to events 1 time, you will receive a warning. Any further infraction will result in you being removed from the list. You will be permitted to rejoin after three months but with zero tolerance, that means one no show and you will be banned. (No show means RSVP'ing Yes and not showing up to the event, or cancelling less than 2 hours before the event).

*If an event is wait listed you are required to cancel 48 hours before the event to allow those on the wait list to attend.

*If you show up more than 15 minutes late, the host also has the option of marking you as a NO SHOW. Please help our hosts and let them know if you can't make an event in a timely manner.

*If the event location requires reservations you are required to cancel 48 hours before the event to allow the host to notify the establishment of the final attendee numbers.

* Age 19+ please! This is a group for all ages...above 19 that is! :O)

* Participate, participate, participate! If there is something you want to see happen make it happen. Don't sit back and wait for others. And for goodness sake don't complain, we all do our best to make fun events so join in and help plan.
Thank you, see you at an event soon!