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What we’re about

LES SPIRIT ADVENTURES IS A NEW NAMEfor this group.....It still will focused on Empowerment ....which is about calling forward and claiming your inner power to all areas of your life. This group is for all Lesbian and Bisexual women who want to come together with other like minded individuals to support and raise each other up to our fullest potential and traveling to different areas of the US and Europe....... When a community of shared values and goals come together there is an innate inspiration that happens when all energies are focused and directed together towards a common good. Many of us live below our potential and have so many dreams that we want to create...yet we sabatoge ourselves with our negative self talk. The intention of this meet up is to create a safe environment for all women who want to move forward in their lives and live their greatness as well as enjoy taking journeys of travel and adventure .  We will be exploring many varied topics including learning how to use tools for self empowerment and self improvement...make empowering choices to create the life you want to live...start responding to life rather directing it ....creating a positive mindset and using the law of attraction to manifest your dreams and goals. This is a new facet of TRAVELING and growing ..sharing and learning.  It is a shared empowerment group to facilitate moving forward.