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What we’re about

One of the worst things is having a great story idea that never sees the light of day.

There could be numerous reasons why but it's usually from not having enough money to go through traditional publishing or from straight-up, fear paralysis for not knowing how to write, put together, or publish a book.

So here's the question: do you WANT to learn? Do you want to make YOUR story into a REAL book that can be held, sold, and shared? Do you want to FINALLY MAKE & PUBLISH THAT BOOK?

If you're ready, then let's do it w/ Amazon Self Publishing!

This is an educational and creative workshop for anyone who has ever wanted to write a book, learn about the creative and the publishing process, and publish their own work.

What you'll learn:
- how to write a manuscript for a children's story
- how to acquire artwork for your book
- how to put together a sample arrangement (manuscript w/ pictures)
- how to navigate and use Amazon KDP and submit your work as a self publisher
- how to have a published and completed work IN YOUR HANDS!

Our goal is to build an educational community for creating books, help promote each other's works, and help you make your first book in 30 days or less!

So who's ready? I know I am!

- Gabe AKA "Mr. Red Wolf"

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