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PLAY CROQUET FOR FREE! Every Saturday morning at 10 am at John Chesnut Park. Inviting all beginners, those that haven't played in years/decades, those who may casually play, and just about every other skill level to play croquet with an awesome group of croquet enthusiasts. We play around Pavilions #11 or 12 in John Chesnut Park off of East Lake Road in Palm Harbor as there are wonderfully shaded spots with an area that can be used for a croquet field. Just look for the bright pink cardboard sign with the word "CROQUET" on it and a directional arrow pointing to where we are playing.

No cost! You should probably bring a lot of water to drink and maybe some snacks. Your dress should be casual. Although the balls and mallets will be provided, please feel free to bring your own equipment if you prefer to do so. The only thing that I ask is that there is no profanity and the team spirit pervades. So far, so good in that regard.

If you are okay with a slightly uneven course with inconveniently placed tree roots, pine cones, rocks or whatever else in the course, you will find this course to be awesome. ;-)

Whether you are a friend, neighbor or stranger, you are welcome to join us each Saturday morning at 10 am for a couple of hours at John Chesnut Park.

Be sure to contact me with any questions. You can usually reach me via cell/text at 727.479.6720. Kim M. Clark - Organizer

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