What we're about

We're an online group dedicated to generating new and innovative ideas for building high quality and secure software.

Engineering and security leaders, developers, program managers, scrum masters, SDLC enthusiasts, QA engineers: all are welcome to come and share tips, tricks, and ideas for making DevSecOps, Shift Left, and Security By Design concepts work efficiently for our organizations.

We'll be meeting every month in an "open discussion" format to share ideas and support each other as we tackle the difficult mission of information security culture change.

Always global, always remote. Come join us to share, collaborate, and be heard - or just to listen and learn.

This is a "safe zone" for practitioners to share ideas. Vendor representatives are also welcome, and can even mention products/services as long as they add value to the conversation.

Notes: Our sessions are not recorded and no information about the participants is posted publicly in order to protect your privacy, besides your meetup username/profile which is posted as having RSVP'd to an event. Your opinions are your own and do not necessarily represent the views of your employer. We also follow Chatham House Rules.

We have a community Slack channel to communicate with each other outside of the monthly meetup series. Feel free to join here: https://join.slack.com/t/letstalksoftw-64x2506/shared_invite/zt-t3e59aj9-5zNThhcrj4TCd4HJwAoDZA

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Making the Business Case for Software Security

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You are passionate about software security and have a brilliant plan for company adoption, but how do you:

  • Sell your ideas to leadership, stakeholders, and engineering teams?
  • Obtain buy-in, active support, and funding?
  • Demonstrate ROI using metrics and reports?

We'll be diving into these questions and more through our unique open discussion format where anyone can chime in. Come learn from others and share your own thoughts and ideas. It's always a great chat with great people!

Building a Successful Security Champion Program

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In this session we'll cover how to create an engaging and effective Security Champion Program. This won't be so much "why" you need one (that's already established, isn't it??) but more about techniques and methods for implementation (do's and don'ts, etc.).

Bring your thoughts, opinions, and questions to share with others through our unique open discussion format. It's always a great chat with great people!

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Software Security Roles & Responsibilities

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