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What we’re about

Let’s Walk Townsville is a community for like-minded people who enjoy getting together for walks and hikes around the Townsville region.

We do everything from shorter walks within Townsville to full day hikes in the national parks surrounding Townsville, as well as some multi day hikes.

The @TownsvilleBushwalkingClub also posts their walks as events on this Meetup site and we [Let's walk Townsville] simply help them spread the word.
As we mentioned, we are a community group, so any individual or organisation that is interested in hosting a walk here is welcome to get in touch and do so. Our one and only condition is to stick to small group sizes [no more than 15]

If you’re on Facebook, feel free to join our Facebook Group to see more photos from our events and join in on our online discussions:
We are a really easy-going bunch, however please take note and respect the below rules.
Respect the maximum number of RSVPs that is set for a particular walk. If RSVPs are closed or there is a wait list, it is because the walk has reached the maximum capacity that is feasible on that particular track.
If you RSVP as ‘Going’ to an event, please adjust your RSVP to not coming with a decent lead in to the event. Ideally this is about 24 hours prior to the walk start time for a shorter walk around Townsville. For the longer bush walks - at least 48 hours or longer if you can. It is just plain courtesy, so that people on the wait list can take your spot.

Be honest with yourself about your ability to do a hike safely, so that you are not a risk to others in the group and that you do not hold them up beyond what is reasonable. Basically, know your limits!
If in doubt - try out some of the easier walks we have first to build up your experience and fitness.

As always, please bear in mind our PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY philosophy. We are not a formal organisation or association and take no responsibility for any mishaps that may occur as a result of our activities. It is up to each individual to make sure they are capable of attempting the activity.
A first aid kit is essential as you are responsible for your own safety.
You MUST carry adequate water on walks, do not expect other members to give up their water if you run out due to bringing an insufficient amount.
The group leader or event host's decision on allowing you on a walk is final. If they believe that you are unfit or unable to do a walk or be part of the group, you will need to respect that decision.

Many of our events are within national parks and unfortunately pets are not allowed in these places. However, there are a lot of places around Townsville such as parks and beaches that are dog-friendly, we usually make a note of this in the event description - In those instances, your four-legged friend is more than welcome to join us.

Any member found to be engaging in behaviour such as bullying, harassing or stalking other members will be removed from the group. Please respect one another, as well as each other’s privacy.

A lot of our walks are in national parks, you will need to take any litter with you and dispose of it properly.

When out in nature, no one wants to choke on your second hand smoke. If you must smoke during our events, ensure it is done a decent distance from everyone else and as per the above point, you will need to take your cigarette butts with you and dispose of them properly.

Walking in a group of 12 or so individuals brings with it a natural variation in walking speeds.
You will find yourself close to or near a group of similarly paced individuals. Please be aware of each 1 or 5 of you (or the number you vaguely are) and try to look out for each other as much as you can. Make sure the last of you is ok. This is especially important if you are at the back of the walking pack.
This way, walkers can stick together relative to their walking speeds. It will make for a better and more fluid walking experience.

We look forward to having you join us on some walking adventures.