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What we’re about

Welcome to Our Inclusive Meditation and Wellness Community
Who We Are:
Founded by James Byrne from Rainbow Minds in 2014, our group has evolved from a small meditation circle in Dublin to a dynamic community, fostering growth, wellness, and connection.

Our Mission:
We believe in the power of connection — to oneself, to others, and to the world around us. Our activities are designed to nurture this connection through diverse and enriching experiences.

Embracing Diversity:
As a group celebrating the LGBTQ+ community, we stand for acceptance, inclusivity, and respect for all sexualities and gender identities. Our community is a safe space for everyone, including LGBTQ individuals and allies.

Some of Our Activities:

Wellness and Mindfulness Workshops
Sound Bath and Shamanic Drumming Sessions
Guided and Silent Meditation Practices
Healing Touch and Forest Bathing
Residential Retreats for Deeper Immersion
Social Meetups and Walks in Nature
Other Wellbeing-Focused Activities
We offer a mix of events, including gender-specific and non-binary inclusive sessions.

Our social meetups and nature walks are great opportunities to connect and unwind.

Joining Us:
We welcome you with an open mind and heart. Whether you're part of the LGBTQ community or an ally, you'll find a warm and accepting environment here. We are also on social media, use the links or search for Rainbow Minds Centre on FB and IG