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We are an LGBTQ peer-led discussion, support, and social group dealing with emotional health, mental health, problems, and wellness; specifically for LGBTQ people. We are NOT a therapy group. We are NOT a professionally-led group. We are a peer group. If people are having ongoing or serious issues, we encourage you to seek additional support, such as professional assistance or other support groups, in addition to our peer group. The group is for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Questioning, Intersex, Two-Spirit, and Asexual people. We aim to provide a safe, open and non-judgmental environment encouraging members to listen to each other, share experiences, interact, and learn ways to cope, heal and grow. We do this in an atmosphere of welcome, acceptance and empathy. We have our support group on the first Wednesday of the month at a West Village church in New York City. We also have our support group on the 2nd Thursday of the month at the LGBT Community Center in New York City. The LGBT Community Center group is listed in their center listings as Supportive Connections. After both support groups, we usually get something to eat at a local diner or restaurant. We have an informal social get together at a Chelsea restaurant about two weeks after the Center group. (These are our three monthly group scheduled events.) We ask members to talk from our own personal experience. We want the group to be a safe space, as safe as we can make it, and all boundaries are to be respected. It's important and necessary that this remain a safe space for all- self-identified male, female, transgender, and immigrant communities. We stress confidentiality, as much as is humanly and realistically possible. We encourage respect, interaction, courtesy, discussion and friendship. We must not give advice nor tell someone what they should do. We must only give feedback only if it is asked for, by sharing our own personal experience, by talking from the "I". We discuss anxiety, depression, OCD, loneliness, relationship issues, work issues, etc. We don't guarantee answers or solutions or fixes, but we provide a space to come together to share. (This group is more for support and friendship and talking about our problems and issues; not for professional networking nor research nor screenplays, etc. People might happen to learn ideas for jobs, but again the focus is on support and coming together.) The group is a joint effort among all members. We are NOT a 12 step group. We are NOT a therapy group. We do NOT advocate any religion. Arguments are not cool. Avoid cursing. The fact that we allow interaction and cross talk in the group can sometimes cause differences of opinion, and we can work it out by respecting our differences. We would like group attendance to reflect the diversity of people who join here on meetup. We have a diverse group of facilitators with respect to age and ethnicity. I apologize that group attendance is not always as diverse and equally divided among gay men, gay women, and transgender people. If people want to get more info. about the group, please e-mail at lgbtwellness411@hotmail.com, and we can add you on to the group email list. We ask for a contribution of $5, more if you can, less if you can't. No one is turned away. The contributions help to cover the center room rental cost and the cost of being on meetup, and the cost at the church group. The LGBT center now costs $75 per group. Attending a group can be intimidating. People who attend the groups for the first time may feel awkward or nervous. We want you to feel as welcome and comfortable as possible. No one has to talk if they are uncomfortable or nervous, but if new attendees want to share and talk about certain topics, please try to let your voice and opinions be heard, and tell us what you want to talk about, and tell us what you may need from the group. For everyone, let us know how the group can help you. If someone in the group says something that bothers you, please speak up, or let one of us know after the group. This group is a joint effort, so we will do our best to include everyone. Some group issues take time to resolve. We are all volunteers, teachers, and students. We don't have all the answers. It is not always easy to run a group. We are always learning from each other, listening, adapting, and growing. Let's work together to make this a good, comfortable, and productive time for all. A contribution was made to the group in honor of Bobby. Thank you.

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