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What we’re about

We are an informal, un-structured, un-led, un-supervised, social and support peer group for LGBT widow/ers who have lost an LGBT partner or spouse, seeking to share and grow with others of like experience.

Traditional bereavement groups have been beneficial but there's also something so unique about our common experience in our time and our lives. We seem to gain strength from one another simply by sharing and hearing in a safe environment our stories which affirm our lives and loves.  (This is for LGBT widow/ers, not a group for other kinds of loss or life events.)

By consensus, we have arrived at a few conventions: (i) What’s shared in the group stays in the group, (ii) initial shares are kept short and guided by the suggested topic, with a more unstructured discussion period to follow, and (iii) we refrain from interrupting and cross-talk (speaking directly to someone rather than to the group as a whole).