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What we’re about

This is a group for all who want to gain more control over their thoughts, emotions and ego. The ego is the operating system of being a human, so while the spiritual work is great and necessary, if we don't have mastery over our ego, we ebb and flow too much in an egoic consciousness which prevents us from getting in or staying in our spiritual higher self consciousness. We also create a shadow of our ego by not dealing well with our uncomfortable experiences, thoughts and emotions. The egoic consciousness and its shadow sabotages us in being who we were meant to be in this life and in our relationships. We will talk about how to have a different relationship to our thoughts and emotions and identify how our ego and the shadow shows up and our triggers. Our goal is to master our ego, its shadow, remember who we really are and take back our power to respond consciously from our higher selves instead of reacting with knee-jerk behavior from our ego's conditioning. The ego and its shadow is the place from which all hate and negative consciousness comes. By changing ourselves, we exude a different being-ness in our world, and the ripple effects to others around us are tremendously powerful. This is how we change the world and end our own suffering and struggles.

* Are you noticing that lately you’re over flowing with any of these emotions:
~ Anger
~ Frustration
~ Resentment
~ Sadness
~ Depression
~ Hopelessness
~ Fear
~ Self-loathing or criticism
~ Annoyance that others are just so ignorant, stupid, off-base, etc.
~ Other emotions that make you feel bad about yourself, other people, your environment or the larger society and world?
* Does it seem like so much in your life just isn’t working out, is crumbling or you just can’t get off zero?
* Do you find that you tend to negatively react in certain circumstances or with certain people much of the time?
* Are you feeling hopeless or out of control?
* Do you have a near endless dialogue going on in your head that is negative about yourself or others?

Do you just want all of this to stop?

We’ve all seen many spiritually oriented classes of transcending, transmuting, clearing, healing, etc. This spiritual work is great, but if we don’t have an understanding of what is going on at a human level, how the ego’s shadow is created, how it is triggered, and how & when we’re reacting from that shadow egoic place, it is a continuous cycle of struggle with shadow/heal, shadow/heal, etc.

This group will involve instruction, workshops, guidance, coaching and learning from one another to help you understand what is really going on so that we can do more of the transmuting and dealing constructively with it as it comes up and not so much shadow creation and storage for a later time to be healed over and over. The ego never goes away, so we need better tools and understandings for how to deal with it on a daily basis today and going forward.

We will discuss and dive into the ways our own internal protection mechanisms are working overtime to cause havoc in us & our lives and how to gain the self-mastery over them and not allow these destructive patterns to drive your thoughts, emotions and behaviors. Most importantly, you will get some initial tools to…

Be the master of your own domain

And start the process of remembering who you really are and taking back your power.

You’ll enhance your life by:

* Seeing things in your life working out

* Responding consciously and constructively and not negatively to people and circumstances in your life

* Feeling and being more in control of your life’s experiences

* Changing the negative thought stream narrative in your head – and believing it!

* Moving away from fear, anger, frustration & anxiety

* Living a happier life

* Helping others to live a happier life and helping to change the world

Past participants have had these things to say about our group and our programs:

“I learned things I have never received from years of seeing psychologists and spiritual teachers"

“This course allowed me to clearly see the root cause of my fear, anxiety, shame, guilt and anger. I am astounded at how easy these are to shift and change using [the course's] tools.”

“…it really helped me work through some blocks I've been struggling with for years.”

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