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The Life Dance Coaching offers......

Biodanza - therapeutic healing movement classes- check website for times/spaces of classes  Reiki healing sessions - call to book an appt after checking website 4 forms of QiGong - given as affordable private classes in your home Life Coaching for teens and adults 

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Biodanza is a system of human development that fuses music, movement, and emotions building a sense of community for those who practice it regularly. This unique combination of elements expands our creativity, vitality and our ability to love. Biodanza is about feeling the fullness of every moment and awakening our passion for life. It is about loving life and putting life in the center.

With carefully selected music that evokes specific experiences and invites movement, the participants will discover JOY and happiness within themselves. With Biodanza movement becomes a free expression of self, and is not choreographed or structured.

No previous dance experience is required and there are no age requirements. Biodanza is for everyone! The magic of Biodanza will open your sense of joy, self-esteem and self-confidence. Come dance with life!

Biodanza workshops are a way to discover the pleasure to...

•Expand your creativity, vitality and ability to love.

•Feel the fullness of every moment and awake your passion for life.

•Open your sense of joy, self-esteem and self-confidence.
•Tenderly integrate feelings, mind and actions.

•Improve your health and organic harmony.
Come dance with life!

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