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Biodanza - therapeutic healing movement classes- check website for times/spaces of classes
Reiki healing sessions - call to book an appt after checking website
4 forms of QiGong - given as affordable private classes in your home
Life Coaching for teens and adults

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Biodanza is a system of human development that fuses music, movement, and emotions building a sense of community for those who practice it regularly. This unique combination of elements expands our creativity, vitality and our ability to love. Biodanza is about feeling the fullness of every moment and awakening our passion for life. It is about loving life and putting life in the center.

With carefully selected music that evokes specific experiences and invites movement, the participants will discover JOY and happiness within themselves. With Biodanza movement becomes a free expression of self, and is not choreographed or structured. No previous dance experience is required and there are no age requirements. Biodanza is for everyone! The magic of Biodanza will open your sense of joy, self-esteem and self-confidence. Come dance with life!

Biodanza workshops are a way to discover the pleasure to...

•Expand your creativity, vitality and ability to love.

•Feel the fullness of every moment and awake your passion for life.

•Open your sense of joy, self-esteem and self-confidence.

•Tenderly integrate feelings, mind and actions.

•Improve your health and organic harmony.

Come dance with life!


Upcoming events (5+)

Qigong for the Stressed Furloughed

Life Dance Loft

Qigong is gentle and slow and will help you release stress. Come join us for $10 a drop-in session ($5 off) and see how you will feel better in one hour of gentle movement. Can't pay right away? I'll give you and IOU. :) Peace, Michelle email : [masked] if you would like to attend to avoid disappointment. Limited space available.

QiGong-Dance of the Phoenix series

Blueberry Gardens

QiGong is the “grandmother” of Tai Chi and it a very wise woman!!! It is slow and easy to do standing and/or seated. Ideal for any kind of participant. An 8 week session of a form called “Dance of the Phoenix” will be offered at Blueberry Gardens beginning Oct 31. We will learn how to do the Pheonix during these 8 weeks. You will also learn “Back Care” form which is a gentle opening of the spine/back form. You will LOVE it. Very easy to do and remember. You will receive and audio of Back Care and a DVD of Pheonix to practice during the week. In clinical research the Phoneix has been shown to reduce pain in fibromyalgia patients!!! So, good for the joints. Join us by registering at www.lifedance.me under QiGong $180 include 8 classses, plus one make-up, A DVD and an audio. non-refundable; this is not a certification class Note: after the training if interested we will continue with ongoing classes at $13 a class. Www.lifedance.me

Blueberry Gardens, Ashton, MD BIODANZA

Blueberry Gardens

Get out of your box and see what can happen when you open your heart and move your body organically. Set your calendar now for a new Fall 2018 INITIATION CYLCE of Biodanza, the dance of life. To be held at Blueberry Gardens in Ashton, MD, an idyllic healing space in the USA. What is Biodanza? Authentic movement, heartfelt emotion and amazing music rolled into one big awesome session of dancing, connection and healing. $160 for the eight week sessions....cheaper than therapy and your body wisdom does the guiding. You can register on the website. Come try a class beforehand to see if this healing system of personal development vibes with you. Consult the website or email Michelle from the website for more info. Classes will also be forming in DC and Baltimore so email if you are keen to commit to the 8 week session. Peace Michelle IBF Biodanza Didact Facilitator NOTE: dress comfy bring a bottle of water bare feet open heart!


Dance Exchange

​What's an OPEN Biodanza class? It's a non-weekly practice class where you can discover Biodanza movement for the first time or come to enjoy the vibes for your umpteenth time! Old and new dancers are welcome 18 to 80+. Biodanza, the dance of life! will open all kinds of doors for you both inside and outside of life. Come try it! Great music, great community, lots of fun. Join us for the poetry of human encounter when you can and feel your life expand into the universe! https://www.biodanzausa.com/takoma-parkdc.html

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Blueberry Gardens, Ashton, MD BIODANZA

Blueberry Gardens

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