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What we’re about

You are invited…  to take part in our Life Space Circle

The Circle is about a conversation that goes deeper: a space to BE and to meet. Somewhere to connect with ourselves and other people in ways that are simply not possible in every day life.  The is a place to STOP, in the busy-ness of life and to draw breath. It is also a place to START afresh. A safe and sacred space where new possibilities emerge.

What’s involved?

Professionally facilitated, each Circle brings a combination of short meditation practices, dialogue and interaction, 1:1 and around the Circle. Interwoven with themes from philosophy, nature and the world around us: sometimes myth, music and poetry too, according to the rhythm of the seasons. There’s also a chance, if we choose, to explore themes in our own lives.  All this within a structure that soon becomes familiar.

The Circle supports us in asking: how can  we start to feel more truly alive? Begin to find more heart, spirit, purpose and connection? Live more consciously within the greater web of life? Build better relationships with others, at home and at work? Be in stronger relationship with ourselves and with the land, the places we live and work? Discover a different way through issues we're facing and bring about change? Or just make space, relax and really look after ourselves, in these turbulent times.

When we're already working with mindfulness, meditation, yoga, tai chi, constellations, or similar, the Circle enriches by providing the missing ingredients - context, community and company.

Our ancestors sat in circles for thousands of years, often around the campfire: for food and warmth, storytelling, celebration and to discuss issues of the day. Our bodies and hearts respond to the power of the circle. It provides structure and safety, a sacred space where new possibilities can emerge.

We draw on Dialogue, Wisdom Tradition, Circle Practice and The Enneagram, as well as Plant Spirit work.  Over time a Life Circle becomes a vital touchstone in a busy world.  Find out for yourself by coming along - I'd love to see you.

As a friend puts it: “When we know in our hearts there’s more to life, Circle brings a new sense of possibility"

 - - - - - - - - - - 

Sadly, some us never discover how special it is to speak and be truly heard, to listen having learned to hear. Life Space Circle changes that.

Soul, heart and body responds in every cell. Whether playful, serious, letting go, or striding ahead… the life-force flows more potently, shaping who we are and how we are.

Space for Life - Space for the Soul - Space for Community – Space for Mystery