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What we’re about

Do you want to overcome road blocks? Are you interested in achieving, accomplishing, or being more? Do you ever feel like you sometimes get in your own way? Sometimes, do you stop, censor, or hold yourself back from saying or doing something? Do you sometimes have doubts or fears about your own abilities?

Have you ever saw someone do something and wish you could do it too? Have you ever done something and wish you could do it again? Have you ever wished you could improve anything about yourself? Well guess what? <br>

If you answered yes to even a couple of the above questions, then it’s official....

You’re welcome, invited, and encouraged to join Life Without Limits.

This group is in the making. And what is soon to come is a weekly meetup where we get together and go over a process of inquisitive discovery and self realization which will help us:

*** Remove limiting behaviors, thoughts, and patterns that don’t positively serve or benefit the person we want to be. <br>*** Bring awareness to and build positive attributes that we already have within us <br>*** Figure out exactly what purpose our self limitations serve and decide, by choice, if those limits are beneficial, and what to do if they are not <br>*** Learn from each other. And be involved in a Process and workshop where we systematically remove or change our self limitations to uncover our true potential.

This group is not a place where you will be sold any other services. You will never be asked to pay or donate any funds. The sole intent is to workshop and improve a process in which we will all be able to use to remove limiting behaviors and beliefs in our own lives.

Join today. Once we hit a few hundred members then we’ll send out a survey to see what day works best for our weekly meetup.

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