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The purpose is to provide metaphysical education for the local community throughout the year. Our guiding principles are to unite with like minded people who seek greater understanding in a supportive environment, to encourage networking and support others who provide metaphysical educational opportunities.

Now that we're in a post Covid time, the meetup will offer in person events and some events on Zoom. I also post a variety of classes and presentations that are offered by a single person, a metaphysical/spiritual business or wellness organization. If the event asks for you to email or call the event organizer I highly recommend doing so. They need to be sure they have enough room. DO NOT JUST SHOW UP. In some cases I don't know if the event has been cancelled in time to update the event.  

Our intent is to offer a variety of speakers and events that are  interesting and stimulating. As a group there may be instances where we may not agree about the information.  This is the opportunity for you to learn and analyze what is important in your search. 

Just a note, as the organizer you will see my picture signed up for the event.  It doesn't always mean that I will be at the event. 

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December 2022 ROC Metaphysical is Online

Link visible for attendees

Ho, Ho, Ho, Happy Holidays from ROC Metaphysical.

What is ROC Metaphysical all about? It's a metaphysical online magazine with articles written about all kinds of metaphysical, spiritual or alternative health topics. The info is presented to help you grow in your understanding. Some information may be new or could be an outlook you've never heard of. That's our job to help you to be informed. Each month offers different writers and a wide variety of topics. The magazine is free to read since our mission is to help you to be “Enlightened and Informed.”

Here's a small sampling of articles for the month:
"Gratitude Isn't Just A Platitude"
"The Lightworker's Reaction To The Shift"
"How to Be More Present & Alive In The Moment"
"Pay Attention! Cosmic Moments Come and Go"
"Have An Authentic Holiday Season"

Our alternative directory is a great resource to find the person or place that fits your needs. Be sure to check out the businesses and the event calendar. They are always being updated. You can also find us on Facebook at https://m.facebook.com/ROCMetaphysical and Instagram at roc_metaphysical

The articles are available to read for the month, click on the link https://www.rocmetaphysical.com

Holiday Crystal and Rock Warehouse Sale

Mellow Slow Minerals

Come to Chris's warehouse sale. So many crystals, gems, semi precious stones, wire wrapped jewelry and other vendors.

HUGE HOLIDAY SALE!!! UP TO 50% OFF a lot of our inventory!!!

Herstory of Goddess and Modern-day Wicca Presentation

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This course is an introductory lecture into the philosophy and practice of witchcraft. We will be starting with the Herstory of Goddess and how modern-day Wicca came into being. What are the roots and beliefs which formed today’s witch?

About our presenter: Aurora Raven Dragonfly aka Julie Anne-The basis of my teaching is gleaned from over 34 years of practice based in Germanic, Dianic, Gardnerian and ultimately Reclaiming witchcraft. I have led and participated in many covens over the years; The Circle of the Rising Phoenix, Sacred Daughters of Her, and Reclaiming the Radiant Wild. I did a green witch intensive for a year with Susan Weed and have taught workshops at witch camps, organized for VWC and was on the World Witch Council as a representative for VWC.

Julie will also be at Mythic Treasures on 12/09 promoting her book from 5:30 - 7pm.

Some of my teachers are Judith Jannberg, Lucia Francia, Angelika Aliti, Susan Weed, Starhawk, Pat Harmatuk and many more. The Goddess, though, has been my greatest teacher and mentor. I love working with people, dance and co-creating magical experiences. I also love gardening, writing and music.

Learn more about the topic by signing up by 12/10. This is a free zoom presentation. When you sign up I will provide the link.

Spirit in Action with Sage Walker

ONE Wellness Center

Come to the ONE Wellness Center on Monroe Avenue to spend an evening with Sage. Sage will talk about spirit and how it applies to the people who attend. Sage thru the years has built a connection to her spirit guides and they provide the information for the group that night. Then she will do a short spiritual message and an energy healing for each person. Cost per person is $25

Sign up in advance by calling Sage at[masked].

About Sage: I am an ordained minister, spiritual counselor, intuitive guide and energy worker. I am a Master-Instructor in Integrated Energy Therapy® (IET), which is a high-vibration angelic healing therapy, and I have trained with metaphysical teacher Shad Diamond. I am highly connected to Guides, Angels, Ascended Masters and other light beings who assist me in my work.

For more info about Sage go to: https://theangeliclink.com/

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