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What we’re about

Lisbon Mum & Baby Yoga, Kids, Teen and Family-Friendly activities.

Yoga, cooking and healing practices for children, teens and families to inspire curiosity, creativity and connection! A place where children can speak and be heard; play and be seen; move and be moved in mindful and inspiring ways!

A fun, creative and safe environment for children and teens to engage in group activities with their peers as well as family based sessions. A holistic learning time, which cultivates patience, compassion and respect for the self, one another and all living beings.

Creatively curated by Martina of Yoga Time YAY! for Lisbon and Cascais' most demanding of audiences - children!

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All family workshop and events require that children attend accompanied by an adult. Children or teen-only classes are booked via the relevant yoga studio website.

Head over to Lisbon Rest & Healing for events curated for adults only.