What we're about

Hi - welcome to our Little Bangkok Sangha.

When I came to Bangkok in 2001 there was no dharma in English to be found. The temples are all happy to compete for the tourist dollar, but there was no explanations, no sangha, no friends on the path.

So I started the ball rolling. That was 2007. Now we organize lots of events, and bring people together from all kinds of meditation backgrounds.

There are regular dhamma talks, workshops, discussion events, lunches and sometimes retreats. It depends on visiting teachers schedules.

Since we have no permanent venue of our own (yet) we have few costs. Pretty much everything we do is without cost - except for retreats of course - but even those are as low cost as we can make it.

I hope you can join in. If you are new it takes a while for your face and name to be remembered, but you should find an interesting mix of people. (plus a few real oddballs!)

The full website is at www.littlebang.org - the calendars there feature all events, arranged by us and other groups. Here on Meetup we only feature our own events - that's already a ton of emails that Meetup sends out!!

Hope to meet you.

Pandit Bhikkhu

Past events (875)

Monday Night Meditation with Phra Pandit Bhikkhu

มูลนิธิบ้านอารีย์ (Baan Aree Foundation)

Sitting for Peace

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Meditative methods exploring Compassion

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Sitting for Peace

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