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Meditation Techniques-$5 Donation-Deerfield Beach
This is presented by Tony Spatarella, past President of the Theosophical Society in Deerfield Beach. This is held weekly on Wednesdays from 5:30-6:45ish p.m. This is at The Theosophical Society, a Not For Profit organization. This class focuses on calming meditation, insight meditation (Vipassana), chakra purification and Tantric visualization meditations. There is also some discussion on how to integrate the practice into our lives on a daily basis. $5 dollar donation payable at the event (Please try to bring exact amount). Any questions on this specifics of this event, please contact Tony at [masked] or[masked]. Please also see the Theosophy's meetup for other wonderful events . About Tony Spatarella Tony Spatarella has been a spiritual seeker and meditator for the past 22 years. Tony has studied under Tenzin Wanyal Rinpoche of the Tibetan Bon/Buddhist tradition for several years, and taught Buddhist Philosophy and Meditation at the Thubten Kunga Buddhist Center in Deerfield Beach from[masked]. He has also been a regular speaker at the Theosophical Society(TS) in Deerfield Beach at their Sunday speaker's forum for several years, and has facilitated a meditation group at TS for the past 3 years as well.

Theosophical Society

831 Southeast 9th Street · Deerfield Beach, FL


What we're about

Purpose of this Meetup

This meetup group is for those who embrace the path of self-discovery and evolvement through thoughts, words & actions in their daily lives. Ultimately as a result, you gain clarity to the meaning of your life, its challenges, and the type & quality of the relationships you have. This is not only invaluable to you but during this process of self-realization, it has the power to create a positive impact energetically to all those around you and on your environment. By changing yourself and moving forward, the world is transformed also, one person at a time.

Are you are ready to lift your life into a higher vibrational level? Do you want to be a co-creator of your life? Do you want to liberate yourself from knee-jerk emotional reactions & self-limiting beliefs and take control of your life & your feelings? Do you truly want to live your authentic life?

If you answered yes to these questions, this meetup is for you.

This meetup is for those who sincerely want to be proactive in growing spiritually in their lives and who are ready and willing to integrate learnings into their life for their highest good.

This meetup is to:

- Network & share with like-minded individuals

- Offer classes, circles & forums to help us understand and enrich our life experiences, to learn from them and to move forward. The classes will also offer practical techniques to apply immediately for life enhancement.

Meetup Locations

Meetups are held in the Palm Beach County Area of South Florida.

About the Meetup Organizer, Katy Simmone & Sponsor Soul Evolution Center

Meetup Organizer - Rev. Katy Simmone, Advanced Channeler of Light Beings* Life Wisdom from Beyond * Founder of * Host of the Soul Evolution Show on BlogTalkRadio * Follow the Show at and download or Listen to Prior Episodes 24/7 for Free

* Author of the free eBook "Aristotle's Teachings for the New Age, a Series of Channelings" download for free at http:

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Katy had a spiritual awakening in the Spring of 2009. From that, she experienced extraordinary and psychic phenomena and developed heightened extrasensory perceptions. She has been having amazing experiences such as participating in spirit crossovers, out of body (OOB) experiences, receiving messages from light beings and those in spirit, interacting with extraterrestrials and other psychic phenomena. She has been telepathically told that she is a star seed & a fifth dimensional being.

She has been guided to be a teacher and share what she knows. This is the inspiration for her creating this meetup group and founding Soul Evolution Center LLC in Boca Raton in February 2013. It is a virtual and live center. The Center's mission is to help you evolve into your best life. The center's mission is to empower people to them live lives of joy, love, peace and abundance on all levels.

About the Co-Organizer, Tim Simmone

Tim is a degreed engineer and independent researcher on subtle energy and the use of natural crystals for energetic healing. The name of his business is Charged Water. He is also organizer of

Tim's Unique Products for Energetic Healing

He has developed unique methods for programming natural crystals with human thought and intention. He has also developed various methods and devices using programmed crystals to improve the energetic health of people, animals and plants. His unique and innovate methods of developing energetic products have been featured in Cyndi Dale's comprehensive guide to energy healing "The Subtle Body Practice Manual."

Tim's Global Healing Projects & Meditation

Tim has also started a group that uses programmed crystals to send healing energies to whales, dolphins, and the Earth elements and is actively looking for volunteers to expand this effort. In addition, he has an ongoing monthly global meditation for healing for Mother Earth, including the whales, dolphins, birds, and the Earth elements. As a participant you will also receive key energetic healings for yourself. His wife, Katy Simmone, organizer of this Meetup, channeled the beautiful meditation for this from The Wise Ones. Please email him at to learn how to participate in this wonderful healing event.

Tim's Background

He is certified in Reiki and was a member of the International Association of Consciousness and completed their Conscious Development Program (CDP) in Miami. He was also a member of the Theosophy Society in America & their local branch in Deerfield Beach. He is a member of the Metaphysical Chapel of South Florida.

Tim has attended various workshops, seminars, and classes on consciousness and spirituality on a wide range of topics, including out of body travel and energetic healing. He has attended the Monroe Institute in Virginia, a Flower of Life seminar in Orlando, Fl and attended a two week spiritual retreat at John of God in Brazil. One of his favorite symposiums was sponsored by Joan Ocean in Hawaii where he swam with the dolphins in their natural habitat.

Please email him through this meetup or at with any questions.

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