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*About Living with Grace!

If you're anything like myself and my hubby, or our fellowship group - you are or were always looking for more. More fulfillment, more TRUE JOY, satisfaction, and just wanting more out of life than the next party, drink or high or even relationship. That used to be much of our life, overworked, undervalued even with sorrow over life and family problems PLUS drinking much of the week away to ease the pain. We've both personally struggled with chasing a lot of the physical and earthly achievement in addition to experiencing shame, rejection, anxiety, loss, and depression - feeling like we're constantly falling short, it makes you wonder that yes, life is tough but it doesn't always have to be! We have a BIG LIFE to live which is filled with love, grace and SO MUCH MORE YOU GUYS!!!

*We're here to LIVE and LEARN with GRACE!

If you're looking for more out of life and to be more and GET MORE - MORE LOVE, TRUTH & LIGHTNESS and get in alignment with your spiritual goals, we welcome you! Regardless of your faith, background, culture, current beliefs, current relationship status, or appearance - we're a welcoming spiritual group where we can all grow and learn together. You don't have to be about faith at all, and there's no shame or judgement here. We believe everyone deserves Grace, blessings, and healing (if you need it) without backlash we get from those that care about us - even family and close friends that give us shame, judgment, feeling of loneliness, and lack of support that exists not only in our society but even and even at work. Times are tough right now with the pandemic, and with how many people are affected (and infected or suffering from mental health, physical health, or spititual ailments) we can all use some more grace, prayer and healing, and overall support in life.

*We're now ONLINE!

Whether you're from the South Bay, East Bay, or North Bay around San Francisco or Silicon Valley or maybe not! Even if you are from out of the state or international, we welcome you - we're now online and virtual via Zoom! We've had visitors from out of town, out of state, and even out of the country! Wow!

*Who's welcome to join:

Anyone and everyone! We're a safe, open, and group that's focused on learning and growing together. No shame and no judgment - many folks from our group come from different spiritual journeys, faiths, cultures, backgrounds, etc. It's all about Living with Grace! (not perfection!) Come check it out, explore, and if it's not for you, no problem! Check out the FAQ below for more details.

*What type of events will you be hosting?

Besides our ongoing Fellowship, we also will post fun events and gatherings in the future eg. movie night, happy hour, or online game night!

**Additional Info

Check out our Facebook Group and other events with details coming soon, cheers!


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Here are some helpful answers to questions and thoughts you or your friends you may want to invite might have:

"What if I'm..."

Big faith, little faith, no faith, different faith -- you're welcome here.

"What do you do?"

kick back on the couch, listen to music, watch a video teaching, experience a safe group sharing time, AND grow spiritually!

"What's the vibe?"

Casual & comfy is the name of the game!

"I'm not sure..."

That's okay, just check it out! You don't have to do anything you don't want to do, you can always say no or only participate as much as you want to.

"I've been hurt by religion/church ppl."

We're SO SORRY to hear that..:( That's awful. Safe people will never demand trust from you. It's okay to be unsure. You will be welcomed, loved, and accepted. You can take your time to open up. Why not put yourself in an environment where you are able to grieve, heal, grow, be vulnerable, and be yourself!

"What are y'all again?"

A non-denominational Christian church with online home fellowships all over the bay (California) that are now mainly meeting online due to COVID-19. The home Fellowship format we have is focused on having a fun time connecting with other humans while stretching spiritually, encouraging one another, meet up weekly online. We also have people who video-chat in from other states and countries! Wowowowow!

"Have social anxiety?"

You are not alone! Many others can relate too! You're so welcomed! We hope you're open to discovering for yourself that it's a safe environment! One thing that Searchlight Fellowship models really well is how to have really healthy relationships. Judgment/gossip/acting put-together isn't part of our culture.

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Living Your Best Life Ever!

Online event

Living Your Best Life Ever!

Online event

Living Your Best Life Ever!

Online event

Living Your Best Life Ever!

Online event

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