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There are a variety of choices we have to start some frequent meetups and I want to find out what YOU are most interested in, what you want to attend, what you want to learn and practice, what you want to share....

Please share your preferences for meeting days/times and frequency. We'll host a number of try-outs for you so you won't lose out on anything.

Meetups can be tailored for consciousness, awareness, better health and immunity, nutrition, relationships, stress-relief, body-awareness and pain-reduction, conflict-resolution, finding your passion and purpose in life, creative arts, raising children, and much more!

If you are ready, join us and all our friends around the world on this fascinating journey - a quest to gain an inner knowledge of nature of everything that ever was, is and will be.

Begin your best journey now.

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Part 2: Overcoming Loneliness - Strategy for Connection

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Our last meetup helped us shine a light on the problem of loneliness in our modern world. The discussion had a positive impact on all participants.

Let us now explore the fix. We will put the power of connection to good use and dig together into the correct way to defeat loneliness, achieve a fulfilling life.

No magic wand needed. Just each other.

Open Diner is a shared virtual space where people can come together to talk in a safe and supportive environment. Every week on Zoom, 6:30 PM EDT / 5:30 CDT.

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Open Diner #141: Why Are We So Lonely?

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