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Welcome veteran investors with multiple rentals, those aspiring to become Real Estate investors and just the curious.

Out topics will cover a wide range of investment platforms as most are interrelated, e.g. the IRA, 401(k), Life Insurance and of course, investment real estate. The fact is if you are plowing $500 monthly into an IRA or 401(k) that $500 could be applied to investment real estate.

Wall Street needs no help from us. With its 95% dominance over 45,000,000 IRAs and 30,000,000 Company 401(k)s collectively worth $17.1-trillion dollars is dominates 95% of all IRA and 401(k) Retirement Plan dollars.

The question we need to ask ourselves is:

"Are Wall Street products really that superior to real estate?"

Or, said another way;

"Are Real Estate investments really that inferior to Wall Street products?"

Should we drink Wall Street's Kool-Aid and continue to believe its mantra we are not intelligent enough or skilled enough to manage and select our retirement investments, i.e. that we're better off allowing a Financial Advisor or detached 3rd Party 401(k) Plan Administrator to handle our financial future?

I believe investment real estate is one of the best wealth building and lifetime income producing retirement plans available today. Especially when you factor in a systematic, long term 1031 Exchange strategy.

Holding future "Live" meeting in in Broward and Dade County may not be for many months but with the use of Zoom there is no reason we cannot have Virtual Meetings where relative, contemporary real estate issue are explored.

I know the former Organizer believed students need to " ... know how to be debt free".

I am never not a total believer in this ideology. I do not advocate needless over leveraged properties, however, creative financing has spawn many real estate millionaires.

Also, I am not going to push the "Accelerator Debt Retirement" strategy previously promoted. I am aware of what it offers and believe L.I.R.P. (Life Insurance Retirement Plan) should take precedence.

We will continue to emphasize how to analyze properties and the various ways to acquire them, e.g. Buy and hold, Buy and Wholesale, Fix and Flip, Contract For Deed, Subject To and Lease Option etc. will be discussed.

Message, Call or text the organizer:

Thomas Phelan
(305) 898-7170 Cell

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LIVE CALLS! Small Multifamilies & Commercial Real Estate Workshop

Small Multifamily and commercial real estate workshop. Learn how to analyze, negotiate, lock up and control the properties then EXIT STRATEGY! Come and learn how to analyze, run numbers, understanding performance, documentation to analyze income producing assets like rentals, making an offer, understanding the commercial contract, negotiations, holding assets, finding buyers or raising capital. This is an exciting niche with huge profits potential but requieres knowledge and experience. BEST PART WE ARE DOING LIVE CALLS!!!! Come learn with us. To register call or text[masked] Boca offices

Seller Financed Wholesale Property Tour

Boca Raton

This Saturday! 10am Learn How we structured a Seller Finance Deal in Downtown Boca Raton ( Very Hot Area ) We negotiated with the Seller to be the bank. Learn to Play Real Life Monopoly !!! Register NOW Bring your friends and family and watch how your mind will 🤯 open to the world of Seller Financing Deals! See you all there ! To Register CALL/TEXT[masked]

LIVE CALLS! Seller Finance Flips! Boca FL

Boca Raton

Learn how to flip a seller finance deal in any market! This workshop is a one time opportunity and a lifesaver for our resource and presenter. He flipped his first owner finance deal 12 years ago and profited $7,000.00 This type of structure is beneficial because you don't even need a huge discount on the deal, IT IS NOT A WHOLESALE, but yet you can flip the contract and create a spread. Totally mind blowing and a must for creative deals. We are breaking this strategy in 1 hour and half and then doing LIVE CALLS so you can listen to the conversation and put it into practice. You should be here! To register send text to[masked] Where? Boca Raton Office Time: 7pm Get details by registering through[masked]

Learn Real Estate Investing with Local Support!

THIS IS NOT A 3 DAY REAL ESTATE GURU SEMINAR OVER A WEEKEND! Be part of a community with lifetime support to take you from newbie to successful investor. Learn the ins and out of real estate, how to find deals, analyze them, run numbers, how to set up sellers appointment, how to negotiate down the price logically and with data, for your fix and flip project or to provide discounted deals to other investors. Extensive education that takes you from the fundaments up to commercial real estate. Become a professional and do it with a community while being surrounded by successful RE investors and likeminded individuals. AGENDA: In this weekly meeting you will learn how you can get educated in real estate while creating an additional stream of income and being expose to 130 marketing platforms that will get you action, transacting and closing deals. Every Wednesday we have different opportunities: 1. General Orientation 2. Finances Workshop, manage money like the wealthy 3. Real Estate Software to find and analyze deals in 5 minutes 4. Study group Interested in plugging in our weekly activities? Potentially working together and earning a partnership? Register by sending a text message with email and full name to[masked] See you there!

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