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LocalStack Community Events features virtual speaker sessions in and around LocalStack, local cloud development, AWS, DevOps toolings, and more! We also aim to connect technology professionals in the Cloud & DevOps space and discuss best practices, new tools & technologies, pitfalls, and more while striving to help developers build & test their cloud-native applications.

About LocalStack

LocalStack is a cloud development platform, focused on providing a better way to develop and test your cloud applications. LocalStack facilitates cloud application development on your local machine and across CI/CD by spinning up a local "cloud sandbox" that provides the same APIs and functionality as the real AWS cloud environment.

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We seek virtual speakers and topics for our Community Events to build our meetup calendar. We are not just limited to LocalStack — Talks around AWS, Developer Productivity, Cloud Security, DevOps toolings, Development & Testing loops, and more would add great value to our members.

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If you would like to learn and discuss about meaningful use cases involving LocalStack and its best practices, join us!

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If you would like to discuss about meetups, please drop a message at info@localstack.cloud. Follow us on our LinkedIn & Twitter to stay tuned for more.

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Accelerating Cloud Development with OpenFABR and Generic Development Container

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Welcome to our (ninth) community event!

In the previous meetups, we discussed various use cases around LocalStack, encompassing local cloud development, testing, and integration with various toolings & services. In this community event, we will feature two rising open-source projects which aim to accelerate your cloud development — An all-new modularised, component-based infrastructure-as-code framework and a container system to set up & manage your cloud development.

Leveraging OpenFABR Cloud Development Framework to build cloud infrastructure faster by Janaka Abeywardhana

Janaka is developing OpenFABR CDF, an innovative Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) framework designed to accelerate cloud infrastructure construction by utilizing modular and customizable components. The primary goal of OpenFABR CDF is to seamlessly integrate IaC runtimes, imperative languages, testing frameworks, and artefact repositories.

During this presentation, Janaka will introduce OpenFABR CDF and explain how to use it to test modules in the IaC development lifecycle. This process involves consolidating various IaC runtimes within a single platform. With OpenFABR CDF's construct-based modularity, users can construct low-level and high-level infrastructure components.

Janaka will also demonstrate his use of LocalStack for locally testing IaC configurations. By leveraging LocalStack, he ensures reliable testing of his infrastructure code in a local environment for efficient development practices and mitigating potential deployment issues.

Introducing Generic Development Container for containerized development & testing by Chad Beaulac & Paul Robello

Chad Beaulac & Paul Robello will present an exciting solution called the GDC (Generic Development Container) to address some of the common pain points in enterprise cloud development. Some challenges include the onboarding process for developers, Cloud identity management, and diverse tooling requirements to work across various projects, technologies, and languages.

The GDC is designed to alleviate these challenges by providing a unified, cross-platform development solution that runs seamlessly on major operating systems, including Windows, OSX, and Linux. By leveraging Docker containers, GDC packages all the tools developers require to efficiently build, test, and deploy projects locally (with LocalStack!) or on production with AWS.

Chad & Paul will introduce how you can get started with GDC and
how they leverage LocalStack to have a consistent and reliable cloud infrastructure environment for their development workflows that empower developers to work efficiently and seamlessly.

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