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What we’re about

LocalStack Community Events features virtual speaker sessions in and around LocalStack, local cloud development, AWS, DevOps toolings, and more! We also aim to connect technology professionals in the Cloud & DevOps space and discuss best practices, new tools & technologies, pitfalls, and more while striving to help developers build & test their cloud-native applications.

About LocalStack

LocalStack is a cloud development platform, focused on providing a better way to develop and test your cloud applications. LocalStack facilitates cloud application development on your local machine and across CI/CD by spinning up a local "cloud sandbox" that provides the same APIs and functionality as the real AWS cloud environment.

Speak at LocalStack Community Events

We seek virtual speakers and topics for our Community Events to build our meetup calendar. We are not just limited to LocalStack — Talks around AWS, Developer Productivity, Cloud Security, DevOps toolings, Development & Testing loops, and more would add great value to our members.

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If you would like to learn and discuss about meaningful use cases involving LocalStack and its best practices, join us!

Code of Conduct

All members are required to agree with the Community Code of Conduct.


If you would like to discuss about meetups, please drop a message at Follow us on our LinkedIn & Twitter to stay tuned for more.