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In this times of isolation and social distancing we carry on "Singing Together" but we are doing online until it is safe to meet again. We are the LOLCHOIR, a group created in Sept. 2013. The Singing must go on!

We usually focus on Latin American & Spanish repertoire, but in Summer 2020 we will be doing a short term focused on Traditional 'World Music Repertoire'.

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T H E " L O L C H O I R "

LOL = Landscapes Of Latin-America

As the name suggests the aim of the LOLCHOIR is to paint the Landscapes of Latin-America (and Spain) through the sound of its music, from Mexico to Argentina and the Iberian Peninsula.

* WHAT? The are plenty of choirs in London but no one -that I know- focused strictly on repertoire from Latin America. There are countless wonderful songs and melodies to sing so why not?

* WHY? Singing is one of my favourite things in life and I love sharing that passion with people, it is fun, relaxing, healing, and very accessible to every one so why not? There is another aspect of the "why", and it is to create a space where people can either practice Spanish, learn it or basically get back to their roots if they are Spanish speakers but living in London there is not much space to sing in their mother tongue. Many more reasons exist, lets say we'll do it to feed our souls :).

* WHO CAN JOIN? Everyone willing to sing and have fun. Maybe you want to practise your Spanish, maybe you are learning it or simply anyone who enjoys singing :). NO AUDITION REQUIRED


Right now we are meeting online, but in 'normal times' the rehearsals are just a 10min walk from KING'S CROSS station at "Calthorpe Project" 258 - 274 Grays Inn Road, London WC1X 8LH


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More info: http://www.lolchoir.com


See you soon!

Camilo Menjura


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>>> WORLD MUSIC CHOIR [ONLINE] <<< Session #4 Summer 2020 (4 Sessions) In the middle of the challenges we all have been facing for the last few months, a door has opened -widely- allowing & encouraging us to interact, collaborate and take part of projects happening in different geographic locations. This is an invitation to 'Sing from you home' wherever you are located, and make music together as a "World Choir" focused on traditional repertoire from different parts of the planet. We will start with 4 sessions in June/July 2020, and from there we'll see how far and big we can go, we need to keep singing! - Audio guides will be provided for practising - At the end of the four sessions we will put our voices together in a recording that will help us feel and remember the power of group singing - The learning process is "by ear"; no one is expected to read music, we'll learn by repetition - Sessions will be delivered in mainly in English and Spanish -if needed- >>>> ​If you like the sound of this project, register here: http://www.menjuramusic.com/registro.html Fee: £8 / £5 (cons.) per session For more info please visit our choir's site on: http://www.lolchoir.com - - - - - Choir leader: Camilo Menjura www.menjurmusic.com

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