London Pride Parade (watch,hang out,afterparties)

This is a past event

48 people went

Every 12 months on the 4th Saturday until June 26, 2020

Trafalgar Square

Central London · London

How to find us

If you're stuck, look for purple(+blue+pink) bi people (incl. umbrellas) in the parade and just have fun, maybe a comment here/ text/call to me (no. emailed Fri eve if not got already) will help us find us all (John G.)

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Pride is the city's BIGGEST 1-day event, with close to 1 million extra people in London, at least 30000 marching in 300 groups. Come and enjoy the parade/music/shows, party the night away, or all of the above!

This meetup event is for anyone of us watching the parade/hanging out in Trafalgar Square or elsewhere in Soho/partying after (not to be confused with the one for Paraders ( - limited spaces available). Your organiser John will be parading and then joining others somewhere (maybe not in the square).

In Trafalgar Square you'll be able to see the music/cabaret acts/lgbt celebrities and allies/news updates on the main stage, check out the stalls promoting LGBT+ and supporting companies, with products, magazines and make new friends, hugs, and dance to the music!

• Important - Come Prepared (whatever you're doing):

Bring umbrellas/ sunhats/ sunscreen/ water/ snacks depending on the weather, purple bi-tagged clothing if you like too, as there will be a lot of standing and waiting (see below) - look after your hydration/blood sugar levels/medication if required (it will take extra time to get out of the area once finished, too)!

The whole Soho/Trafalgar space will be incredibly busy, allow extra time to move around once here. Please be aware Tube stations are sometimes closed if things get very crowded, and you should not expect to be able to park anywhere nearby (no parking is provided for walking group participants). Check your route carefully and give yourself plenty of time.

Watching the Parade

The parade makes its way to Trafalgar Square and if you prefer, you can walk or stand alongside the route (which will be several people deep on each side) and cheer us on, get or give hugs high-fives cheers and smiles, record photos/video, and get swept up in all the positive energy instead of marching yourself.

If you prefer to have a slightly quieter area, avoid Oxford Circus and Regent Street which will be the busiest points (and maybe up to 10-deep rows alongside both sides, so it will also be harder to move along and follow any one group at those places). Its still a very good idea to plan clothes for inclement weather and security (don't leave your phone or valuables hanging out of a pocket/bag or insecurely stashed), and bring water/snacks though it will be easier to access shops and exit/return to the march route. Look out for our group with the "UK Bisexuals" banners/big flag (pink/purple/blue striped) and people wearing purple (though some other groups wear purple too). We'll be

Trafalgar Square Tips

The earlier the better! (although maybe missing the initial rush is worth waiting?). It usually opens from around noon with two entrance gates at the top (either side of the square) and exit-only at the bottom. Charing Cross station is the nearest and easiest, do check your train/tube is running this weekend. If you'd like a birds eye view (well, a low-flying bird), this year they have a grandstand on Waterloo Place, at the intersection with Pall Mall, with podium announcer for the groups as they go by: tickets via eventbrite (

Some of the rest of us not on the march will probably be in the square - check comments on the group, or head for the Bi stall (if we have one??? Not this year) as a good point to meet at (or to help it look busy or help run it :) )

The Square will be access-controlled and may take several/many minutes to get into (queuing system, you have to wait for people to come out before you can enter; last entry is as/around when the show closes).

Use this event's comments to ask/tell where others are during the day/evening, watch for updates if you can. My phone number is on the "how to find us" details here (above this text?) but may get removed on the day - I may message RSVPd members on Friday with it, but remember I'll also be busy during the day, be patient/leave messages or texts as it can be very hard to have phone conversations from the square with the noise and big crowds also using the phone networks.

If you can't get to the group/discover where, be patient/find someone else via here or facebook or twitter (@londonbi) or Whatsapp (there's a group list with our name, Max one of our previous event organisers runs it) or via meetup/SMS text messages or calls to John G.

Enjoy it wherever you end up, whether you meet lots of us or not (and allow that you might not find us if you aren't marching and don't arrange anything - you should still enjoy it though!).

It tends to be somewhat spur-of-the-moment planning; just aim to have fun and if you meet more people its a bonus. Try and mention our meetup group's name and spread the word to anyone who might be interested! I have business cards/small badges I can give to hand out.

People tend to splinter off after 5/6/7pm for dinner or home, and then partying some more if you're still around or ready to go clubbing.

Web links for more on Pride

Some of the group will be processing, others will arrive later in the Square. Look for the bi groups in purple (other groups also like purple but we should have banners too). It doesn't seem there will be a bi stall or float that I know of this year unfortunately. Lets plan for next year better!

Social-network links:

This group's Parade Marching event ( - do if you can! (no Facebook Bi walking group event currently, far as I know)

@londonlgbtpride ( on twitter

General tips

The crowds will be crazy, so don't give up and go home if you haven't found folk from the group straight away - just have fun and enjoy the parade, chat to random people, tell people about our group (the biggest bi group in London, by the way), or whatever!

I strongly suggest to take down (my) phone number (messaged to you end of the week leading up to Saturday) to call (or text, as crowds make it hard to be heard; have patience). This will help find people if you're new or don't know people already. Otherwise, look for the purple/bi themed banners and outfits and accessories (and wear it yourself if you can).

I'm 6' with very long hair (for a guy), should be recognisable from my profile photo. I might have our meetup logo out at particular times!

Comments on this page or greets/messages to organisers may be seen on the day, along with the messages to our @londonbi (, but don't rely on it.