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BFI Flare LGBT+ Film Festival 15th-26th (hybrid online+cinema/talks)

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BFI Flare LGBT+ Film Festival 15th-26th (hybrid online+cinema/talks)


BFI Flare is a yearly film festival showcasing the best new LGBT+ movies, shorts and documentaries. Full details of all showings and events are at their website.
There are also a few panel discussions or talks, or Q&As with producers/directors or cast or others (sometimes alongside a showing). This placeholder event is here to announce it to the group and allow you to check out in time - many showings sell out a while in advance (especially the highlights and well-reviewed ones from other festivals). Most showings/events are ticketed and not free, but there are a few free ones and a few online.

We've had one-off events in past years of this festival to watch something from it together and talk about it after, and there's one event I've already posted here separately - a panel discussion about bi representation on Monday 20 March.

If you find ones that seem more interesting or relevant to the group, do please share them in comments below; am up for a similar watch-party type of thing using Discord if more than a couple of you want to see a particular thing. I'll also be looking for things to suggest from what others say/using the site, but don't rely on me to find the best ones in time! By the time the festival showings start many of the tickets will have gone. You'll see this event twice - once for the start day and once at the end date (

A few Highlights from the festival's front page:

Please don't spoil storyline details for others in comments here, and surround any spoilers you write in the Discord with || #lets-watch channel or to surround any bits of messages you write that are spoilers (before and after the spoiler text)!

Please do recommend films/shorts/documentaries to watch in the comments below, or chat on our Discord server (in #lets-watch channel or general #chat). Here's an invitation link for our Discord on if you haven't joined yet:

⚫ How watching Flare videos online works:
Once you've bought a ticket (or for a free-but-limited-tickets short), you can start watching the show anytime through the festival. Once you have started it, you have 4 hours to finish watching it (what they could arrange to keep copyright holders happy about piracy risk).

⚫ Accessibility:
English language videos will all have closed caption subtitles, including descriptions of non-dialogue audio, and audio descriptions.
Screen Talks, pre-recorded introductions, Q&As and events have closed captions.
Audio description is not available on Chromecasts (yet).
Further details on their website:

London Bisexuals
London Bisexuals
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