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London DevOps #74 - AWS

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Alex D. and 3 others
London DevOps #74 - AWS


The last meetup at AWS was fantastic, so we're thrilled to be returning to their office near Liverpool Street in London once again for another meetup this June. The full agenda will be available shortly!


6:00pm - Arrival

6:45pm - Introductions - Matt Saunders

7:00pm - Talks

Unknown unknowns and how to know them - Dylan Ratcliffe

It feels like outages always happen in the worst possible place, and as soon as we understand them, they happen somewhere else. Turns out it’s true. So how can we deal with something that seems to be actively working against us? By changing the way we build mental models. The STELLA Report (Woods DD, Ohio State University) explains how our mental models of how a system works are constantly challenged by outages, and why it’s always the unknown unknowns that cause the biggest problems. We can’t possibly know about these things in advance (otherwise they’d be known unknowns), so instead we need to be able to develop mental models more quickly; in response to a specific outage, or as preparation for a given change. We’ll talk about why this is so important, and why current tools really aren’t suited to job.

Dylan is founder of Overmind and ex Puppet Professional Services Engineer. He's worked with some of the most complex ops environments in the world and is convinced that fear is one of the biggest problems facing devops teams.

The Serverless Revolution - Liam Hampton

In this talk, Liam will cover an array of topic points from the history of enterprise computing to start-up logistics in today’s world. From this talk, you will understand and learn how technology has transitioned away from the traditional compute power of on-premise racks and cloud-hosted virtual machines to the event-driven world of serverless functions and DevOps practices we see today. Liam will explain how they are currently utilised in today’s applications, how he is using them in his daily development, pitfalls to watch out for and how you could be using them too.

Liam is a Senior Regional Cloud Advocate at Microsoft and an Auth0 Ambassador, passionate about DevOps, automation and Go. He is a tech blogger, IoT hobbyist and a Software Engineer with multiple professional cloud certifications. He loves sharing his knowledge and creating simple and concise content for others to learn from. When he is not writing code or presenting, you can find him exploring London's best eateries, studying different cultures, or jetting off to the next city on his travel list.

TBA - Danilo Poccia

Danilo is a chief evangelist at Amazon Web Services

9:00pm - Local Pub for Networking

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