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Enter an open space... and with bare feet explore the exhilarating feeling of moving your body freely. You are invited to move, play, connect, sweat, stretch, sound, unwind, renew, release, contact dance, improvise, transform. Be true to yourself, while respecting others in the sacred space we create together. This is a safe and respectful environment that embraces 'all ways'. It is a practice that supports the free expression of emotions and inner space through movement and music.

Our intention is self-exploration, connection, healing, expanding human potential and community building through freestyle ecstatic dance. No experience necessary.


Warm-up: 20 minutes people arrive, stretch, move/dance and reflect on the intention for the dance to a gentle sound wave.

The Practice: 100 minutes of freestyle dancing to a large sound wave. Some guidance is provided. We let the music, the community and our own inner space direct our steps, our movements, our expression, our journey.

Closing Circle: 5 minutes of OM`ing and/or group sound making, laughing and/or silence.

Tribal Social: 30 minutes of sharing food/drink/chat...just blissing out in the post Ecstatic Dance experience.

Our live music events are with "the Uks first ecstatic dance band" URUBU - "You Are You, Be You!

"One of London's most exciting world music ensembles!" URUBU is a unique collaboration of world-class musicians assembled for your dancing delight. Playing a fusion of world rhythms, voice, Sax/flute, didgeridoo and electronica, URUBU create a unique space for you to dance your body into its natural state of ecstasy!

"Global music phenomenon the Urubu Collective, has taken London by storm with their twice-monthly ecstatic dance events!! Urubu delivers a captivating blend of exotic improvisational world grooves from ambient, meditative piano & vocal pieces through to high octane Afro-percussion. Expect tribal wildness and beautiful songs, Gongs, sound healing and more."

Upcoming events (4+)

Aerial Relaxation Pods… with live ambient music! 7:15-8:30 & 8:45-10pm

Aerial Relaxation Pods… with Live Ambient Music!

  • London's Deep Relaxation Experience -

Aerial Relaxation Pods - Lift Your Spirit

Please watch our video to give you a taste of the experience:
Our Aerial Relaxation Pods video on Youtube:

London's first multi-sensory, aerial relaxation experience with Live ambient music, aromatherapy and featuring our beautiful sky-blue silky Aerial Hammocks.
"An oasis of calm in our busy lives."

Two sessions per evening on Thursdays:

IMPORTANT: Please note your space is only confirmed once booked through Eventbrite!

7:15-8:30pm book here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/84883457707

8:45-10pm book here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/84878729565

"Words are inadequate to express the uniquely nurturing experience I had during your Aerial Relaxation Pod class... and the music was amazing! The feeling of being securely wrapped in a silk hammock from head to toe, suspended in the air, slowly rocking, with the crystal bowls and ambient music created a sublime and profound atmosphere. It was as if I was in a cocoon of total support, allowing peace to flow into my entire being." - Alison


  • If you are showing any symptoms, please do not attend. Any participant repeatedly coughing in the space will be asked to leave immediately.

  • You can wear a face-covering during the sessions if you choose to.

  • Please come already dressed in comfortable clothing ensuring your knees, armpits and torso are covered, and with a bag for your belongings. There are bathrooms at the venue but no changing rooms.

  • We will provide antibacterial wipes and hand sanitisers at the venue. Please wash your hands regularly and use the hand sanitiser supplied upon entering the venue.

  • All touch hotspots will be regularly cleaned with disinfectant between each session.

  • We ask that all participants keep at least 1m physical distance at all times. Any participant repeatedly breaching this distance will be asked to leave.

  • We will provide clean lavender eye pillows and covers will be changed between each session. You are welcome to bring your own eye pillow/ eye mask.

  • All hammocks will be disinfected with antibacterial spray between each session.

  • Blankets and cushions: we will provide separate sets for each session. You are welcome to bring your own blanket & cushion.

  • The venue has skylights that will be opened to allow more airflow in the space.


  1. Strictly no latecomers! - Sorry, please arrive on time! Unfortunately, if you are more than 10 minutes late, you will not be allowed entry, (and there can be no refunds if you are more than 10 minutes late, very sorry!) as we need to make it a calm & peaceful space for people who are already here.

  2. Please only arrive 5 minutes before the start of the session, as there is no waiting room.

  3. No Refunds. No refunds are available as we need to have enough time to fill the space left. You are welcome to pass on your ticket to a friend, colleague or family member.

  4. Clothing: Please wear a sleeved shirt that covers the armpits and leggings or yoga trousers that cover your knees. Wear form-fitting clothing. Please do not wear baggy clothing as they can snag and catch on the sling’s fabric causing accidents. Ensure that your clothing is "zipper free" and remove all jewellery (body piercings, watches and hair clips. These items can snag and damage the silk hammocks.

SUNSET SESSIONS: Ecstatic Dance & Cacao - Outdoor Silent Disco

Needs a location

Join us for Sunset Sessions to dance on the Earth and underneath the Spring sky, Celebrate, Meditate, drink Cacao & set Positive Intentions!

Open-Air Silent-Disco Ecstatic Dance & Cacao!
We dance in a beautiful, secluded location surrounded by nature, exact location coordinates of the dance will be in your Eventbrite order confirmation email 'Additional Information', section, scroll down in order confirmation.

This is a unique outdoor Ecstatic Dance experience in London! Come along


*Please note that your rsvp here on meetup is not a ticket. please book a ticket on eventbrite, thank you!

*Alcohol and drug free environment*
See our full events calendar here:


The Big Love Experience - Bioenergetics, Breathwork, Ecstatic Dance & Cacao

ECSTATIC SUNDAYS: The BIG Love Experience on Sun, 22 May 2022!

Bioenergetic Alchemy, Breathwork journey, Ecstatic Dance & Cacao!
Join us for this 1- day exploration of 3 x Transformational Arts practices Bioenergetics, Breathwork, & Ecstatic Dance with Cacao!
You're welcome to come for the whole day or drop into individual sessions. All are welcome!

For booking or more information:


See all our upcoming wellbeing events: ecstaticdancelondon.com/events

We're providing Londoners with a kind of sanctuary space to dance, be themselves, have fun, release stress, connect with their body, and stretch themselves beyond their usual way of being.
During the day you will have the chance to dance and dive into a selection of some very beautiful and unique movement and breathwork practices.

◈ 12:30pm - 3pm The BIG LOVE Experience - Bliss Beyond Fear – Learn powerful Bioenergetic Alchemy exercises for releasing stress, fear and shock from the body. This workshop is designed to teach you how to gently release tension and stress held in the body.
During this workshop you will learn a series of carefully designed Bioenergetic Alchemy™ exercises and postures (similar to Yoga or Tai Chi) where we will release fear and tension from our body to re-experience our natural state, what the Kalahari Bushmen call, “The Big Love”.
“My classes follow a format of checking in with the body, warm-ups, grounding and building the body’s energy, then discharging the energy through movement and expression. This is followed by relaxation. The immediate result is a felt sense of security, vibrancy and exhilaration.” – Seth Newman
Various spiritual teachings, such as A Course in Miracles, say that there are only two fundamental emotions: love and fear. If we can begin to safely & gently release tension, shock & fear from the body, we then open to an experience of the body in its natural state, deeply relaxed, at ease, and with a sense of peace and wellbeing. The Kalahari Bushmen call this natural state, the BIG LOVE. (Please bring a yoga mat & blanket)
◈ break 45 min (selection of teas/coffee will be available in the kitchen)
◈ 3:45pm-5:30pm Breath of Love Breathwork Session - Deep connected breathing
Our Breath of Love Breathwork sessions are a wonderful way to deeply relax and rejuvenate your body, your mind, and your entire nervous system. It is also a safe and healthy way to reach creative states of consciousness, allowing a participant to access their deeper/higher consciousness. Resulting in improved physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.
Through the use of grounding exercises, tapping and conscious, connected diaphragmatic breathing, each individual is the leader of their own journey.

Our facilitation includes space-holding, affirmations, aromatherapy and Reiki to assist in this personal process. At the very least, the breathwork will be relaxing and detoxifying… and at most, a Big Love experience!
◈ break 30 min (selection of teas/coffee will be available in the kitchen)
◈ 6pm - 8:15pm Ecstatic Dance/Movement Meditation with Cacao Circle (with sound system and optional of Silent Disco Headphones to fully immerse into the music! We will provide complimentary Raw Vegan Cacao - super yummy, the best in London for sure! )
◈ 8:15pm - Workshop ends
◈ 8:15pm -8:45pm Optional social with refreshing fruit to nourish you after the dance

Ecstatic Dance Temple® @ Siobhan Davies Studio: Ecstatic Dance & Cacao

Join us for our Sunday evening Ecstatic Dance Temple® session 6pm-8:15pm -An Organic Beats Infused Ecstatic Experience w/ Live Drums & Cacao

Medicine | Global Bass | Tribal | Organic Beats Infused Ecstatic Experience with Live Percussion & Cacao Circle

We return on Sunday evenings with an immense love for the encounter of both electronic and organic realms through sound, positive intentions and expression!
For more info and bookings: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/ecstatic-dance-temple-sundays-ecstatic-dance-cacao-tickets-173058702237

*Please note an RSVP on meetup is not a ticket or a booking, to reserve a place please book via Eventbrite thank you!

You are invited to join us for freestyle, expressive dance & moving meditation classes. An Evening of Ecstatic Dance with No Alcohol, No Drugs - Just Music, Amazing Rhythms and Cacao! This is a unique dance class in London! No experience necessary. All welcome.

In our Sunday night Ecstatic Dance Temple® sessions, the musical focus will be more of a World/Medicine music, Afro-House & a Tribal Flow vibe. In these new Sunday Dances, you're invited to explore "movement as meditation" with beautiful music to accompany your journey…

“People say that what we’re all seeking is a meaning for life. I don’t think that’s what we’re really seeking. I think that what we’re seeking is an experience of being alive” - Joseph Campbell

◈ 5:50pm-6:00pm Arrival/ Check in (Please do not arrive before 5:50pm to avoid overcrowding outside of the building. No entry after 6:30pm sorry, this is so we can all journey together)
◈ 6:00pm-7:45pm Dance Warm-up and Stretch/ Cacao/ Ecstatic Dance SoundWave
◈ 7:45pm-8:00pm Relaxation
◈ 8:00pm Class ends (we kindly ask all participants to vacate the building as promptly as possible as we need to ensure a smooth exit and avoid overcrowding in the bag/coat/shoe area after the session. Thank you)

Our Ecstatic Dance classes create a safe and respectful environment that embraces 'all ways'. We offer a movement practice that supports your free expression of emotions and inner space through movement and music. Our intention for these Ecstatic Dance classes is self-exploration, connection, fun, healing, expanding human potential and community building through freestyle ecstatic dance.

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