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What we’re about

A warm welcome from LONDON FRENCH LANGUAGE group.
The aim of the group is to offer activities where native French speakers and members who want to practise French meet to improve their French skills, embrace the French culture and most of all have fun while making friends.
We organize walks, picnics, evening drinks and dinners.
We are growing and we want to offer as many French events as possible.
In order to offer the best events, we need to ask you for a small contribution to cover the events costs and to recruit more organisers.
Instead of asking for a monthly or yearly contribution, we ask for a small contribution to attend walks and picnics. We also offer free events from time to time.
By asking for a contribution, we have a smaller group of attendees and members are more committed and more motivated to speak French during the event. The number of no-shows has dropped significantly and organisers find it easier to manage the event.
Please, only join the group if you are happy to be and stay with the group during the whole event. Organisers spend time to organise events and work on the best schedule to the attendees. Please respect it.
If you'd like to practise another language than French, join our sister group: Language enthusiasts:
If you'd like to meet Friendly professionals and Travellers in London and attend activities like restaurants, bars, pubs, nightclubs in and around London, join our other sister group: Friendly Londoners and Travellers (age: 35+):
We are always looking for reliable hosts and organisers. If you are interested in joining our team, please contact us.
I look forward to meeting you soon in one of our events and I hope you are enjoying being part of the LONDON FRENCH LANGUAGE group.
The London French Language Team

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