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Do you assess long term investment opportunities by doing your fundamental research - studying financial statements, evaluating managements, learning from other smart investors? This group is to help us all build a solid portfolio of long term investments in the wake of increasing volatility in the markets.

We are happy for anyone to join this group, but it may be extremely beneficial to any of following:

1) Working adults looking to earn at least higher than inflation returns on their investment.

2) Retired people who are looking to not only earn higher returns on their savings but also enjoy investing in the markets.

3) Working moms and dads who would like to earn some additional income.

4) Finance students looking to improve their investing skills.

We've created content on the request of our members, and here are top performing ones:

- The Ultimate Guide To Understanding The Stock Market (http://www.cityfalcon.com/blog/the-stock-market/the-ultimate-guide-to-understanding-the-stock-market/)

- Asset Allocation for Dummies – An Introduction to Portfolio Management (http://www.cityfalcon.com/blog/investing-for-newbies/asset-allocation-for-dummies-an-introduction-to-portfolio-management/)

- 5 Reasons Why I And Most People Have Lost Money In The Stock Markets (http://www.cityfalcon.com/blog/investments/5-reasons-why-i-and-most-people-have-lost-money-in-the-stock-markets/)

- Best Finance Videos, Articles and Books for Investors for Amateurs and Experts (http://www.cityfalcon.com/blog/investments/best-finance-videos-articles-and-books-for-investors-for-amateurs-and-experts/)

- I Invested My Own Money to Compare Top UK Stock Brokers (http://www.cityfalcon.com/blog/investments/invested-own-money-to-compare-top-uk-stock-brokers/)

Our meetups are sponsored by CityFALCON (http://www.cityfalcon.com) who manage the events, and Central Working (http://www.centralworking.com/) who provide us with a spacious room.

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WOMEN Newbies looking for value investing opportunities

Victoria Park Square


Hello ladies, We are glad to say that Susanne [masked]) has agreed to host a women-only event. This is mainly directed at newbies and planned as an introduction evening to investing, as well as an opportunity to share experiences or ask questions. Let us know if you have any questions. Susanne and Ruzbeh

Show me the Value

Central Working Paddington


Hi All, Please note that this is a DIFFERENT venue than usual. This is our monthly event for those looking for value investing opportunities. Even newbies can join and learn financial concepts through immersion. If you'd like to have a look at presentations from previous sessions or for the performance of stocks discussed in our meet-ups, check here (https://www.cityfalcon.com/meetup). Please call me on my mobile [masked]) if you can't find the place. AGENDA 6.30 pm - Arrivals and networking 6.50 pm - Introduction TBA 8.15 pm - Networking 9.00 pm - We'll head to a pub close by. Please note that we are charging a nominal fee of £5 to cover our admin and other costs. This money will be collected by our company CityFALCON. Regards, Ruzbeh Bacha Founder and CEO CityFALCON Mobile:[masked]

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Show me the Value

WeWork Fox Court


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