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[For the foreseeable future, the Meetup is in 'cold storage' and not actively promoting many or any live gig meetups, due to the limitations imposed by the current C-19 crisis, especially the limitations on individuals from different households meeting together, in the interests of member safety. There is some live jazz going on in London, but the practicalities of organising meetups within the current restrictions mean activity is somewhat limited. Normal service will be resumed ... at some point. In the meantime, some members are 'hosting' online meetups for online streamed gigs in and around London, which members can sign up to.]

Welcome to the London Jazz Meetup . This is a group for people who love jazz and live music in all its varied forms: from swing to be-bop, acid jazz to jazz-rock. If your friends are into R 'n' B or the latest in hard-house or Justin Bieber (!) and you're not, and you need to find a group in which you can feel at home, this is the group. We're about jazz music, socialising and having fun - this is not about jazz bores wearing turtle-neck jumpers! Membership is growing, so by joining you'll get a wide variety of music and get to meet some great people of all ages and backgrounds. Jazz is increasingly popular; it is still most definitely cool!

So our aim is simple. To provide an open forum for lovers of good music to meet and enjoy music in a range of venues across the city, from the large to the small and most of all to have fun. Think of it as 3400+friends you can call upon to go to great gigs and other events with. It's mostly about going to gigs, but we have social meetups too and, with enough support from members, other things like jam sessions, picnics and cinema visits. It also offers scope for musicians - or those learning jazz music - to hook up and share their passion. So introduce yourself and share why you joined. Do check the calendar for news about events - members are always on the lookout for suggestions for the best live jazz in London...and guaranteed fun.

This document sets out what the meetup is about and what you can expect from it. (http://files.meetup.com/222799/Statement%20of%20purpose.pdf)

There is a small one-off membership fee for this jazz meetup - the £2 helps with the running costs of the meetup website, but it's also there to encourage members to commit to contributing to the group. If you pay something, you're more likely to want to join in and get value from this - after joining up, all other meetups are free (other than paying for entry to any events, which is members' responsibility).

[NOTE - since the site re-design of meetup, they've removed from the front page the membership subscriptions tabs. So, just click on 'members'; on the left hand column of this page (the old design), you'll see about a third of the way down where it says 'Membership fee' - click on that, and you can pay through PayPal (no account needed)]

How much is in the calendar is entirely down to the membership. Meetups like this thrive on everyone joining in and contributing once in a while, and not just waiting for the organisers to, well, organise everything. If you want more variety in the calendar, then come up with ideas and suggest them. Get involved and help make this a successful meetup. Why not offer to become a 'host', so you can put gig meetups in the calendar that you want to see?

London is a fantastic city full of great music and friendly people - sign up and make the most of it !

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GoGo Penguin @ O2 Academy Brixton

O2 Academy Brixton

[Note - due to the current Covid-19 situation, the band's management has pushed this gig back to 202! - over a year from now - which is pretty stunning, but par for the course at the moment. So, the longest lead-up to any meetup I've ever run.] Come and join me and meetup members at the O2 in Brixton for this hip-to-the-max, but brilliant UK group. They combine jazz with electronica, trip-hop and strong anthemic melodies. Check out some of their many videos on YouTube for inspiration. I've not seen them before live but they've come highly recommended from a number of Meetup members who've seen them. They're definitely in the EST/Portico Quartet part of the jazz venn diagram - won't be to everyone's taste, but they're very much at the cutting edge of new European jazz. Indeed, Portico Quartet's a support act. Tickets are reasonable, £29 for standing or unreserved seating (which I've got) in the balcony, though they stiff you a little on the additional charges (natch). Members are free to choose standing/sitting, but it would be great if either group of members could stand/sit together, and we should all meetup ahead of time. Ticket details: https://soundcrashmusic.com/gogo-penguin-2-jzz/?utm_source=promoted&utm_medium=paid_social&fbclid=IwAR34FYBLlMi_pwcw99Vdt0ta3nbg31fkv_U-ZfJ9IlBgP7dSW0GS2jBajcw

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